• What is Digital Citizenship?
    Digital Citizenship is “the self-monitored habits that sustain and improve the digital communities you enjoy or depend on.” 
    Today's world is very different from the one your teachers, parents and grandparents grew up in.
    There were no cell phones, ipads and the internet so it was not as easy to be in contact with friends instantly.
     There are many advantages and benefits of having instant access to information but there are some challenges as well.
    What does this mean for us? That means we have to learn about ways that we use technology effectively.
    This is what digital citizenship is. 
    Now that you know what Digital Citizenship is, complete the following tasks.
    Task 1: Go to the HoustonISD website and visit the Cybersafety page
    Task 2: On the left side of the screen, you will see different topics (Cyberbullying, sexting, digital relationships, online safety, etc)
    Choose 3 topics and read about it.
    Watch 1 video from each topic you have chosen.
    Task 3: Summarize what you have learned. 
    Write your name, ID number and date on your paper. 
     **Make sure you have signed the Digital Citizenship paper.
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