• Milby  Summer Reading Challenges

    Students are encouraged to read at least 5 books in the Summer.  

    Need more proof about the value and importance of summer reading?


    Click on the links to read different articles that talk about summer reading  from School Library Journal Article or the article on the PBS website, or the article from Homeroom (the official blog of the Department of Education).
    Here is a video that talks about how Summer Learning Loss puts students at a disadvantage academically. 



    Need reasons to read? Click here. 
    Make reading fun by participating in our Summer Reading Challenges! 

    #1 Make a Meme

    Create a meme for the book or a character from the book. 
    Click here to read article about how to use social media to teach visual literacy.
    For ideas on how to create a meme, read this article from Mashable.

    #2 Post a "shelfie"

    Post a shelfie with a book you have read and explain (2-3 sentences) how the book has affected you. You can also describe a favorite character, scene or lesson from the book. Post your "shelfie' on twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #milbyreads or tag @milbylibrary
    To get an idea of what a "shelfie" is or if you want to see an example, click here  or here

    #3 Create a book trailer

    Using Animoto, moviemaker or whatever app you prefer, create a book trailer that will encourage others to read the book you just read! 
    Learn how to create videos on Animoto by watching this video. 
    Click here to watch   Love in the Time of Cholera book trailer or White Oleander book trailer  created on Animoto.

    #4 Participate in the Houston Public Library's Summer Reading Program 

    Register for HPL's Summer Reading Program. 
    Make sure you follow all of HPL's Summer Reading Requirements.
  • To be eligible for prizes, you MUST read or listen to at least 5 books.

    Record the book titles.

    Upon completion of any Summer Reading Challenge, post to Social Media and tag @milbylibrary and use the hashtag #milbyreads. You may also email your meme, shelfie or book trailer to milbylibrary@gmail.com (if you prefer not to post online).

    Note: All music, images, art, animation, and/or video clips used in any of your projects must be legally licensed (obtain copyright holder’s permission or use materials licensed through Creative Commons) or use original content
    *Videos may not be more than 3 minutes in length



    ·        1 book/1 meme +  1 book/1 “shelfie”: entered into prize drawing

    ·        1 book/1 book trailer:  entered into prize drawing and book trailer included in the MHS Reader's Advisory videos (posted to Youtube)

    ·        5 books/5 (variety – meme, shelfie and booktrailer): 5 entries into prize drawing, certificate and a T-shirt