• Orientation
    One of the library's goals is to ensure all students and staff use the library effectively.
    In order to familiarize students with the library's policies and procedure, all 9th grade classes come to the library for orientation. Orientation is usually scheduled by Freshmen English teachers; however, orientation may be requested by any teacher.
    Here is the .Library Orientation presentation
    How to create a Prezi
    There are many videos available on www.prezi.com shows you how to create a Prezi.
    What is a Prezi? It is an online presentation tool similar to a powerpoint, excep it uses a non-linear approach so your presentation will not be the same old slide-by-slide format. 

    How to create a presentation on Animoto

    What is an Animoto? It is a video-creation service that produces videos from photos, video clips and music into video slideshows.  
     It is so easy to use. All you need to do is sign up for a free account on www.animoto.com