• Peace Club

    The Peace club was established in 1985 by student, Alex Salazar and Ms. Joyce Roberson. The club aims to create a better world by uniting the school and neighborhood communities.

    The Peace Club is a group of students committed to making our world a better, cleaner and more peaceful place. Starting with our school community, the Peace Club promotes environmental stewardship, peaceful ways of resolving conflicts and models environmental friendly practices.



    The mission of the Peace Club

    • Raise awareness within the school and surrounding community about environmental issues especially recycling and sustainable practices.
    • Educate fellow students by modeling environmental friendly practices and how to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle.
    • Provide opportunities for members to be more involved with the community by connecting them to volunteer activities.
    • Teach and encourage students to grow their own food and develop healthy behaviors.




    Through the years, the Peace Club has also embraced their role as protectors of the environment. 
    As of 2013, Milby High School is a registered Eco-School.
    The Peace Club is working on a Recycling Project through funding received from the Wrigley's Foundation for Litter Less Campaign.
    We are on our 8th year of our recycling efforts! 
    For more information on how you can help us reach our goals or to volunteer, please visit visit the Library. 




    Our Peace Club students participated in the Harris County Flood Control District Seedling Potting event in January 2015. Read the Press Release here.


    Ou Peace Club students participated in the Harris County Seedling Potting event held on January 30th, 2016. Read the Press release here. 













    For students who want to join the Peace Club, see Mrs. Verdin in the Library.
    The Peace Club meets virtually every other week on Thursdays on Teams.
    For students who want to help recycle, please message Mrs. Verdin on Teams.