• The three SLL teachers will be teaching all the students in the department the core subjects of Social Studies and Math (Skaggs), English and Reading (Greene), Science and Health (Anderson). Additionally, each of the teachers will have a Vocational Awareness class. They will generally be rotating with their grade level to those three blocks with those teachers, accompanied by a trained paraprofessional (each of these paraprofessionals are highly qualified under NCLB and they each bring a unique, hands-on approach to working with our students).  For the 8th class of the day, the students will have an ancillary class (PE, Communication Skills, Band, Dance, etc.)
    It is our expectation that the students will come to class to learn, be respectful and have fun in a nurturing, safe environment. They will be expected to get along with their peers and school staff, follow classroom rules, be receptive to learning about how to be as independent as possible, and be prepared to advance themselves academically to the fullest extent possible.
    We are there to help... with many, many years of educational experience among us, there is not too much that we have not seen.  However, we are constantly training and learning new strategies to reach our students.