Ms. Rebecca Saunders


    Courses: Academic Chemistry, Academic Physics




    Conference: 2nd and 8th



    From Ms. Saunders: Welcome to Chemistry and Physics!


    Chemistry and physics are courses which involve the introduction and rigorous examination of the various phenomena around you and how it all works. Your understanding of chemistry and physics will help you think critically about everyday occurrences, explore the science behind your observations, and explain the how and why of almost everything. Knowledge of science is essential to your growth, not because it is a graduation requirement but, because of its potential to help you develop critical thinking and systematic reasoning. Learning how to ask and then figure out why will help you throughout your life.


    Your success in the course depends on the effort that you put in learning the different concepts discussed in class. Also, note that I am here to facilitate your learning, and if you have questions about the course, please see me for tutorials or after class conversation.


    I am looking forward to working with you on your journey through high school!