• Wyatt Bingham Born in Australia, Wyatt Bingham did most of his growing up in Colorado where he earned degrees in geography and European history. Always an educator at heart, he chased the illusion of wealth for many years in the commercial property management business. In 2004, he found his passion and became a teacher. Mr. Bingham has been an instructor in pre-AP geography, world humanities, AP psychology, AP world history, and AP European history. His attitude toward education is that students must be prepared for an uncertain future, one in which great habits of mind will serve them. His experience in the classroom has taught him that students must be inspired aesthetically, emotionally, and ethically, not just intellectually. Mr. Bingham’s goal as a facilitator of learning is to help his students find the place in which they no longer need a teacher. To learn more about his current classes, visit binghamsplace.com   



    Course Offerings: World History and AP World History




    Conference Periods: 4th and 7th