• Jennifer Lankau Chase, (Department Chair) Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jennifer Lankau Chase comes from a long line of salt of the earth Irish and German Midwesterners. Moving to Houston in middle school, she quickly returned to her roots for her education where she studied history and political science at the Jesuit School of St. Louis University. Her first “real” job found her donning a Smoky the Bear hat as a National Park Service Park Ranger (Historical Interpretation) where her love of teaching history and geography was born. Along the way, Ms. Chase has spent a summer learning the brewing process from Benedictine monks up in the Bavarian Alps to practice her German, moved back to Houston for a time, and eventually ended up in London, England where she lived for several years. She has traveled extensively all over the world, with significant time spent in The Hague and Kuala Lumpur and loves to learn about new people and cultures. She returned to Houston as a mother of two young children and after several years teaching a variety of high school history classes, she is very excited to have landed at HSPVA. Ms. Chase has degrees in history, is a reviewer for high school history textbooks and helps write and review curriculum and assessments for HISD and the Holocaust Museum Houston. Ms. Chase believes that one of best things she can do for her students is to instill habits of inquiry about the world around them in order to help shape the next generation of global citizens. Please visit her website at chasetheworld.org.



    Course Offerings: World Geography HADV, AP U.S. History, AP European History


    Email: Jchase3@houstonisd.org


    Conference Periods: 5th and 6th