Freshmen Art – Ms. Phillips


    (346) 291-3461

    Office hours are 7:50-10:30 Fridays. 7:50-8:35 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

    Meetings can be set up via Teams or phone call and can be set up by appointment.


    Classes will be co taught by consultants: Ryan Francisco and Diana Sanchez


    Drawing (Monday)

    Students in this class pursue an investigation of drawing techniques, media and attitudes that challenge them to think critically about drawing and to master the application of traditional drawing techniques. Students will draw from life using various approaches. Classwork will consist of drawings that can be completed during class time as well as longer assignments divided into chunks of time. It is 2 semesters.


    Elements and Principles of Design Vocabulary (Tuesday)

    This first semester course introduces the vocabulary of art that is necessary for communicating and discussing art daily. This lecture style class presents terms that students will incorporate into critiques, their own reflection of work, and when describing and viewing other’s art. Classwork incorporates weekly readings, quizzes, and written assignments.


    Elements and Principles of Design Practice (Wednesday)

    During this two-part course, students develop a familiarity with visual literacy, art vocabulary and the application of the elements and principles of design in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional formats. It includes a special focus on the study of color. The application of problem-solving skills, idea development and critical analysis are integral to this introductory experience.


    Art Awareness (Thursday)

    This class includes a variety of experiences that are designed to help the Visual Arts students develop the skills necessary for success at Kinder HSPVA. It provides a format to address specific survival skills for all first-year art students (i.e., departmental expectations for journals, Support Skills, Portfolios, Portfolio Reviews, museum/gallery etiquette etc.). It is discussion, demonstration, lecture and listening. Students are introduced to historical, cultural and professional perspectives through guest artists and lecturers and/or through visits to galleries and museums. Weekly journal prompts are aimed at enhancing the development of their personal artistic discipline and problem-solving processes as well as exercising technical skills.






    Sophomore Art – Ms. Fowler


    Office hours are 7:50-10:30 Fridays. 7:50-8:35 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

    Meetings can be set up via Teams or phone call and can be set up by appointment.


    Classes will be co taught by consultants: Diana Sanchez and Katherine Trimble.


    Mixed Media (Monday)

    This studio course is an opportunity to search, collect, combine and apply various materials that support what students are interested in talking about and exploring in their body of artwork. For an artist, the process of mining and culling materials is research in and of itself! At home learning will provide a unique opportunity to personalize material choices through resourceful selecting of materials from one’s surroundings


    Students will be given a series prompts and opportunities to propose works to be created. The proposal, planning and, development of these works will all be a part of this process. This will include writing as a way of getting closer to concept and or aesthetic in material choice that best convey artistic goals.


    Sophomore Concerns (Tuesday)

    This is a core class for Sophomores. It offers an opportunity to get grounded in all things Sophomore grade level as well as consider self-care through calendar use and time management tips. We will work on professionalism by formalizing a resume and consider digital sites to display artwork.


    This is also a core THINKING / MAKING studio class...


    Students will be making lots of work in their journal and out of their journal and talking about these works together. Here, students will EXPLORE as an effort in acknowledging what they are interested in conceptually and aesthetically.


    Expect journal prompts and assignment, projects, discussions, and one on one meetings with Ms. Fowler.


    Student journals are essentially the crux of this program and to a student’s cohesive body of work. Much of this course will treat journals as a home base for the work students make in this course. This is a place to practice and exercise skill, record research, dream, test out ideas, experiment and conceptualize.


    Much of what students test out and explore in this space and class will certainly grow to fruition in the next years to come in this program.


    Intro to Painting (Wednesday)

    This technical introduction to painting course will help students build their portfolio with a valuable academic how to paint paintings. This course will be rather formal as it is restricted to a black and white value scale painting. This will encourage students to further their understanding of value and rendering through paint as medium. Students can expect to hone this technical skill, build on what that may already know while exploring new formal ways of applying paint. In this class students will produce multiple portfolio enhancing still life technical paintings. Student’s artistic voice will be found in the way they uniquely build up paint and in their own brush work; all while working towards mastering this technical skill.


    Photo (Thursday)

    Beginning Photo will be adapted to the home experience using phone cameras, cameras students own and use of the Adobe Suite.


    In addition, students will use alternative technique for fun, at home assignments.  Students will have the opportunity to print photos when we return to the building.






    Junior Art – Mr. Glover


    (713) 942-1960

    Office hours are 7:50-10:30 Fridays. 7:50-8:35 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

    Meetings can be set up via Teams or phone call and can be set up by appointment.


    Classes will be co taught by consultants:  Tess Doyle, Robert Hodge, Ryan Francisco


    Drawing (Monday)

    Students build their drawing portfolio through a series of assignments that are designed to allow personal exploration of ideas and approach.  Practice and discipline mastered in this class will supports their Independent Studio Art practice.


    Independent Studio Art  (Tuesday/Thursday)

    Students begin to explore a personal point of view, material mastery and develop an independent studio practice.  Students produce art that responds to topic-based prompts.  Students build their portfolios through a series of challenging assignments that lead them to form a concept-based method of art making.


    Art History/Current Topics (Wednesday)

    Students will learn about different points of view, connections in art history, and current issues that affect the art world and the relevance it has on their own art practice.  Research and critical thinking skills learned in this class will also support their Independent Studio Art practice






    Senior Art – Mr. Waddell


    (346) 800-4221

    Office hours are 7:50-10:30 Fridays. 7:50-8:35 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

    Meetings can be set up via Teams or phone call and can be set up by appointment.



    Classes will be co taught by consultants: Katie Christman, Tess Doyle, Robert Hodge



    Independent Studio-(Art 4 Paint) Monday/Wednesday

    Students will turn in a new piece every two weeks.  Students should make work that fits within their body of work.  Students should take risks, experiment and demonstrate artistic growth.  Class time is designated for studio time, critiques and one-on-one video conferencing for progress checks.


    Senior Issues-(Art 4 Printmkg)  Monday/Wednesday

    Designated time is for development of artist statements, goal setting, Young Arts preparation and documentation.  Students may work at the designated time to work with peers and receive input or they may follow along independently by accessing documents and submitting files for review.


    Drawing Class-(Art 4) Tuesday/Thursday

    This class’s focus in the first cycle is to complete a drawing per week that fulfills a specific path to dig deep.  Students will choose between stylizing the figure, exploring word and font, assemblage/collage/mixed media OR abstraction.  Planning, brainstorming and research is required.  Time will be designated for idea development.  The remainder of the time is dedicated to studio time and critiques.


    Art history-(Art 4 Draw) Tuesday/Thursday

    Designated time is for group reading, viewing of video and listening to podcasts.  If students choose to work independently, they have links to the information and will submit documentation that they have learned the objectives for each lesson.