• Kinder HSPVA School Nursing Services


    Kinder HSPVA has a full-time professional registered nurse, Kimberlyn C. Jordan, BSN, RN, on campus whose role includes:


    • assessing the student’s acute, chronic, physical and mental health needs
    • collaborating with parents, school faculty and staff to support healthy learning
    • serving as liaison between the student, family, community health care providers and the school
    • providing health screening, health education and health promotion
    • ensuring that State-mandated immunizations are current
    • arranging referrals for health and wellness services


    Nurse Jordan may contact you regarding a health concern so please provide current contact information (phone numbers, email addresses) to the front office. Communicate any health care needs to Nurse Jordan early in the school year so that she can ensure the planning and provision of the best possible care and support during school hours. HSPVA students are driven, creative people—who need good nutrition, effective stress management and a good night’s sleep to achieve healthy academic and performance success. We can all work together to achieve this!


    NOTE: Houston ISD policy dictates that Nurse Jordan may not dispense ANY medications (prescription, over-the-counter drugs [OTC] such as aspirin or tylenol, or emergency drugs such as epinephrine autoinjector or inhalers) without signed documentation from both a licensed health care professional (MD, DO, APRN, PA) and a parent. If the student needs medication while at school, please be proactive and provide these signed forms with labelled medication bottles to the nurse as soon as possible. All medicines are secured in the HSPVA clinic and monitored by the nurse. In some circumstances, a student may be authorized to carry and administer their own medication while on campus, but this also requires a discussion and signed documentation. Please contact Mrs. Jordan, School Nurse (713-942-1960 or Kimberlyn.Jordan@houstonisd.org) for help or more information about this topic.


    For Students and Parents: Illness


    Students who become ill during school hours will be sent to the clinic. To visit the nurse, a student is given a permit showing the time he/she/they left the classroom. If illness occurs near the end of the period, the student is to report to the next period and obtain a permit from that teacher who will note if the student is missing an exam. Nurse clinic permits are time-stamped at both the classroom and the clinic upon return to class. In an urgent situation, students are assessed in the clinic without a permit.  A nursing assessment will be made prior to contacting parents. The nurse or other school staff, rather than the student, will initiate communication with the parent about the illness.


    Students should stay home when they are suffering from a new onset cold or flu-like illness in the contagious stage. This reduces the risk of spreading the contagion to other students and staff. A febrile student should not return to school until he/she/they are fever-free for 24 hours without temperature-reducing medications.


    Important documents to download:


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