Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy


    (Cell Phones, Radios, CD Players, I-Pods, MP3 Players, DVD Players, Etc...)



    Cell Phones, I-Pods, and other electronic devices are typically very expensive and we strongly encourage that these items are left at home to avoid theft or loss. With so many children carrying various technology devices they have become a major source of class disruption. A common example is the use of camera phones which can provide new opportunities for cheating. If a student chooses to bring any type of electronic device to school, it must be turned off during the school day (8:15 am-3:55 pm) except during the lunch period.


    ·   During school hours, the use of electronic devices is limited to: before school, during the lunch period (in the cafeteria area only) and upon exiting the school building at the end of the day


    ·   Electronic device use is not permitted in the hallways during the passing periods and should not be visible during classroom instruction.   Headphones/ear-buds/earpieces may not be visible or worn during the school day except during the lunch period.


    ·   Use or operation of electronic devices on school campuses or at functions during school hours in a location and at a time other than those indicated above will result in confiscation.


    ·   Use of an electronic device during campus wide testing is a serious infraction which is a testing violation, and will result in confiscation of the device as well as disciplinary action.


    ·   A $15 administrative fee will be charged if a student's cell phone or electronic device is claimed within 30 days. Payment of return fees and return of cell phones and other electronic devices will be conducted on Fridays from 3:55 p.m. until 4:15 p.m. in the Campus Business Office.  A parent must accompany the student to retrieve the confiscated item. Any device confiscated on a Friday is eligible for return on the next Friday.   Cell phones confiscated during state mandated testing can only be retrieved after the parent has had a conference with the child’s assistant principal.  Any cell phones not claimed within 30 days will be forwarded to HISD property management for destruction.


    Students must not ask teachers to retrieve cell phones or try to explain to assistant principals why they need it. Once a student’s phone has been confiscated, the business office can only release it to a parent on Friday afternoon after receipt of the appropriate fee.
    If you cannot manage without your phone, turn it off while at school!


    WHS will do everything possible to ensure the safe collection of a phone or electronic device picked up from a student in violation of the school rules. However, WHS will not be financially responsible for any phone or electronic device, or the replacement of that phone or device if it becomes missing from the school premises. Again, we strongly encourage students to keep expensive electronic devices at home.


    We devote every possible human resource to teaching and learning. While theft is an important issue, we must limit the time devoted to investigating a report unless there is timely and factual information associated with the potential culprit.