• naviance
    Naviance is a college and career readiness platform that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals.Its comprehensive college and career planning solutions optimize student success, enhance school counselor productivity, and track results for school and district administrators

    Family Connection
    Through self discovery and collaboration with parents, teachers, and school counselors, Naviance helps students be better prepared for attending college and/or joining the workforce. The Naviance Family Connection portal provides students and families with a variety of tools designed to connect learning to life™. 
    Follow this link to make the Westbury High School Naviance Connection:
    Career & Course Planning
    Once students have an understanding of who they are, Naviance empowers them to learn about what they want to be and how to get there. Naviance offers a series of career assessments that help students discover multiple career options, and plan their career paths based on general areas of interest, and the level of education and training required to achieve their individual goals and objectives.
    College Search & Admissions
    Naviance makes college research easy. Whether it's matching colleges to a student's career interests, or comparing admissions rates at a student's top college choices, our college planning tools allow students and families to make informed decisions about their options by comparing colleges and universities, exploring scholarship opportunities, tracking college applications, and accessing a variety of other college research materials.