Athletic Coordinator:  Robert Maxeyrmaxey@houstonisd.org

    Mr. Robert Maxey

    All Westbury High School athletes must complete their registration on 'Register My Athlete' and have a physical on file in order to participate in competitive sports. That physical will be downloaded to the student’s specific' Register My Athlete' account and you can find a copy of the form below.  The link to the registration is Register My Athlete.  If you have questions about registration, please email Coach Maxey.


    Physical Form 


    All athletes must be insured to participate in any athletic activity!  HISD offers Student Accident/Athletic Insurance at a reduced cost of $35.00 per athlete, per school year.  You must make one of three choices with regard to student insurance:

    1. You have insurance and waive HISD insurance; complete your insurance information and check the “HISD Waiver” box on the Medical Information Form.  You must turn in a copy of your insurance card and fill out a waiver and return it to your coach;  
    2. You have insurance and want HISD insurance to act as secondary coverage; pay $35, complete your insurance information and check the “School Insurance” box; or
    3. You do not have insurance; pay $35 and check the “School Insurance” box.


    If you are purchasing HISD insurance, please include cash, check, or money order (payable to Westbury High School Athletics) with your packet forms. 

    * If you elect to waive HISD insurance, please ask your head coach for a waiver form.  This is required by HISD and must be notarized.*


Athletic Calendar

Coaches Contact Information

First Name Last Name Email Position
Robert Maxey rmaxey@houstonisd.org Athletic Coordinator, Head Basketball Coach, Assistant Coach Track and Field, Head Girls Cross Country
Sherita Jackson sjackso8@houstonsisd.org Girls Assistant Coordinator, Head Girls Track Coach, Head Coach Volleyball
Jarvis Kelley jkelley3@houstonisd.org Boys Assistant Coordinator, Head Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach, Head Coach Wrestling
Andrew Blanks ablanks@houstonisd.org Head Track and Cross Country Coach
Gerald Thurmond gerald.thurmond@houstonisd.org Head Tennis Coach
Lauren Gustartis lgustart@houstonisd.org Head Softball Coach
Mikel Hall mikel.hall@houstonisd.org Head Baseball Coach
Essence Thompson essencethompson@gmail.com Head Girls Basketball Coach
Nikolus Gianukos nikolus.gianukos@houstonisd.org Head Girls Soccer Coach
Alyssa Drake alyssa.drake@houstonisd.org Head Cheer Coach