COACH R. HARGROVE, M.ED ASSISTANT HEAD TRACK&FIELD COACH                                                           

    COACH Robert Hargrove M ED.

    Grades Taught: 9-12
    Subject: COED-HEALTH
    Conference Periods: 6th
    Email: rhargro1@houstonisd.org
    Phone: 713-723-6015, ext. 224
    Please call during conference period. Or
    set up a conference time with the front office. 
    Advocacy: 9th R

    “ To dream big is a matter of choice . To reach those dreams is a matter of discipline.”

    “Class is an intangible quality which commands rather than demands the respect of others.”

    Coach Robert Hargrove-Go Huskies

    Robert Hargrove M Ed.

    Assistant Head Track & Field Coach

    Coed-Health/Grad Lab Educator

    Westbury Sr. High School

    O: (713)-726-6015 ext.# 017262

    E: rhargro1@houstonisd.org


    Dear Student,

     Welcome, my name is Mr. Hargrove, I’m pleased to have you in my class, and hope you are equally glad to be here. I’m looking forward for a great and successful academic year. I hope you had a good first day at the school, and that it only will get better from here on.

    Once again Welcome to Westbury!



    Mr. Hargrove’s Classroom Rules


    Student Success Code:

    1.                  Be present and on time

    2.                  Bring all learning materials with you, students will be responsible for having their supplies each day (paper, pencil, pen, and

                3-ring binder)

    3.                  Respect other people and their property at all time.

    4.                  Students will be in their seat ready to work when the bell rings.

    5.                  Do not abuse our classroom materials or content in the classroom.

    6.                  Keep classroom clean and put away materials neatly each day.

    7.                  No personal grooming in the classroom and no eating or drinking in classroom.

    8.                  Follow directions the first time that there given.    


    Grading Policy:


    Major Test/Assessment/Projects-40% Daily Work-40%   Quizzes-10% Homework-10%


    Make-up work is the responsibility of the student and will be accepted in accordance with the policy outlined in the student handbook. No late homework will be accepted.


    Conference Period:

    My conference period will be on even days at 9:45-11:15am. If you have any concerns, please call   me at 713-723-6015 to set an appointment.


    Tutorial Time:

    My tutorial time will be from 7:00am-7:30am  Mon-Thurs. I also offer Lunch-n-Learn time during all lunch times.




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