• School Clinic

  • Welcome to the Westbury High School Nurse's Office

    We are your on-campus medical resource to support the health and wellness of all students. Our priority is to provide safety, care, and support for any medical needs that arise during the school day.


    Services we offer include:


    • Illness and injury care - Evaluation and treatment of minor health issues like headaches, stomachaches, cuts and bruises.
    • Medication administration - Give medications prescribed by your doctor, like inhalers or EpiPens.
    • First aid - Cleaning and bandaging wounds, applying ice packs, consulting for signs of concussion.
    • Chronic condition management - Checking blood sugar levels, nebulizer treatments for asthma, etc.
    • Immunization compliance - Ensuring required vaccines are up-to-date to attend school.
    • Health screenings - vision, hearing, growth monitoring and state-mandated screenings.
    • Health education - Resources on nutrition, hygiene, mental wellness and more.
    • Communication - Contacting parents/guardians about student health issues or early dismissal.


    The nurse is available throughout the school day to assist students. Please stop by our office if you feel unwell or have a medical issue. Your health and safety are our top priorities.