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    The Westbury High School Band Program is an organization where we teach students how to be better people through music. The band program's primary focus is Character Development for all our students, which helps them throughout their High School career. Academics is a very important component for our students' success to provide more scholarship opportunities for college. One hundred percent (100%) of our seniors graduate from high school and ninety-five (95%) to ninety-eight (98%) percent of them go off to college with either a Music Scholarship, and/or Academic Scholarship.


    The Westbury Band Program is a comprehensive Performance Based music program!!! It is comprised of Marching Band, Concert Band, and Jazz Band. Every student enrolled in ANY and ALL Band Classes MUST PARTICIPATE in Marching and Concert Band. ALL Jazz Band students MUST have at least one (1) year of Marching and Concert Band in order to participate in that band. Jazz Band is the highest form of Ensemble playing and requires a much higher understanding of music that you can only get from participating in a performing ensemble group.


    The Marching Band performs at all Westbury football games, as well as parades in and out of Texas. We participate in band competitions, Collegiate Football games, as well as Professional Sporting events. We have performed in events from Canton, OH to Disney World in Orlando, FL. The concert band performs at UIL events as well as programs in the Houston Area.


    The Jazz band performs all over the city of Houston and has played with Jazz artists such as Tia Fuller, Tom Browne, Robert Glasper, and Kyle Turner.  Mr. Al Campbell, also a famous Jazz musician in the Houston area, and is the Jazz band instructor at Westbury and Parker ES. 


    The environment of our Band program is centered around discipline and hard work. It's a family atmosphere, we have loads of fun, but it is not easy, and can be very difficult!!! However, anything you work hard for is worth having!!!


    If you don't know how to play an instrument, and have a desire to learn, we can teach you!! All we ever need from any student is hard work and effort put into learning how to play whatever instrument they choose. The Greatest benefit our students get over the duration they are in band program is the growth that helps them become the BEST person they can be!!! This is the reason why the Westbury High School Band Program is successful!!


    If you are interested in any of the band programs we offer, please email me @ rwashin1@houstonisd.org!!!


    Thank you for your interest in the Westbury High School Band Program!!!




    Al Campbell, Mitchell Major, Reginald Washington

    Band Directors