Vision Plans

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    Employee: $1.83
    Employee + Spouse: $3.46
    Employee + Child(dren): $3.62
    Employee + Family: $6.76


    Employee: $2.86
    Employee + Spouse: $5.67
    Employee + Child(dren): $5.95
    Employee + Family: $9.12

    Basic and Plus options

    • Both options have a retail frame allowance of $150.
    • With both, you receive a 40 percent discount off a second pair of glasses at most participating in-network providers.
    • Both give you access to online ordering tools, including and
    • Both options offer in- and out-of-network benefits.
    • There’s a copay, but both options offer added coverage for progressive lenses and lens options, including UV coating, tint, basic polycarbonate, and standard anti-reflective lenses.
    • Both cover an annual in-network eye exam for a $10 copay.
    • Both cover eyeglass lenses or contacts every 12 months after a set materials copay of $20 for Basic and $10 for Plus.
    • Vision Basic covers new frames every 24 months; Vision Plus covers new frames every 12 months.

    Coverage comparisons
    Check the Vision Basic and Vision Plus plan summaries for details.

    Helpful resources
    For more information or help of any kind, call EyeMed customer service at 844-409-3402 or visit the EyeMed website. You can also use the EyeMed Members App to learn about benefits, schedule appointments, find a provider and much more.

    To find coverage for eye care, frames, contact lenses or to find a provider visit the EyeMed members page.

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