• Before you enroll
    Everything you need to learn about your options and build a benefits package that fits your budget and your life is presented here on this site.

    How to get started
    First, check the eligibility requirements to make sure you’re eligible. This page also explains how to verify dependents and how our plan meets the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act.

    For a personal tour of your plan options, click here. The Compare Your Options page provides you with documents to compare plans with highlights and prices.

    Enrollment tips

    • If you’re new to the district, wait for your email invitation to enroll. If you don’t receive an invitation within 15 working days of your first day at work, please call the HISD Benefits Service Center 877-780-HISD (4473).
    • Be sure to submit your benefit elections before the enrollment deadline or your benefits effective date, whichever comes first. Once you’re enrolled, or if you miss the deadline, you are not eligible to make changes to your benefits until the next annual enrollment period, unless you experience a qualified life event.
    • Make sure when you enroll online, you save your elections and get a CONFIRMATION NUMBER. You will also receive a copy of your elections in the mail.
    • You will have 30 days to submit your benefit elections online. After 30 days, you will have until the last business day before your benefits are set to begin to call the Benefit Service Center to submit your benefit elections over the phone.

    Note: Your benefits are effective the first of the month after a 30-day waiting period. For example, if you were hired on 01/15/2023, your benefits would be effective 03/01/2023.

    Check your confirmation statement, available online. If it’s incorrect, call the HISD Benefits Service Center immediately at 877-780-HISD (4473).

    Ready to enroll? Click here.