Preventive Health Care

  • lwoman and child viewing ipadAetna's Simple Steps to a Life Health Assessment
    The Aetna Simple Steps program has transitioned to a new platform. Members may now start a new wellness journey and their data will be saved and documented on the new platform effective 7/1/2021. The Aetna Simple Steps program has several new features and enhancements detailed below. Members will need to log in or create an Aetna member profile at

    What are the changes to the program? 
    The online wellness experience has been streamlined to be more intuitive. The updates include: 

    • Updated health assessment 
    • Simplified online coaching programs called Journeys™
    • New Journey topics and others that combine similar content 
    • Available in 20 languages 
    • Ability to personalize the site with the member’s own background and profile photo 

    What’s new on the site?
    The new Journey options are easier to follow – and quicker to complete! The site content can be easily converted into 20 different languages, and there is a card carousel that helps direct members to the resources they need. New tabs provide access to resources like the health assessment, Journeys, an FAQ, and a video that walks them through the site.

    Who can answer questions about the health assessment or the results that members receive?
    Members can call the 24/7 nurse line at 1-800-556-1555. (For speech or hearing impaired, dial 711.10.)

    What if a member had not finished their previous Journey before June 14, 2021?
    Unfortunately, their participation in that Journey will be lost, and they will need to start a new Journey. 

    How does a member know their Journey is complete? 
    They can check the Accomplishments tab in their Health Dashboard, which shows their health assessment completions and any completed Journeys. 

    doctor providing health check Why Do You Need Preventive Care?
    Your health care plan covers specific preventive care services. Even when you’re in the best shape of your life, a serious condition with no symptoms may put your health at risk. Using these services at the right time can help you stay healthier by:

    • Preventing certain illnesses and health conditions from happening
    • Detecting health problems at early stages, when they may be easier to treat 

    To make sure you get the care you need – without any unexpected costs – it’s important for you to know:

    • What is preventive care
    • Preventive care services your plan covers 

    What’s Preventive Care?
    Preventive care services are provided when you don’t have any symptoms and haven’t been diagnosed with a health issue connected with the preventive service. They typically are provided during a wellness exam. You and your doctor will determine what tests and health screenings are right for you based on your:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Personal health history
    • Current health

    What’s Not Preventive Care?
    When your doctor determines that you have a health issue, the additional screenings and tests after this diagnosis are no longer considered preventive. These services are covered under your plan’s medical benefits, not your preventive care benefits.

    What’s Your Share of the Cost?

    Many plans cover preventive care services at 100% – no additional cost to you – when you go to a health care professional in your plan’s network. Check your plan materials for details about your specific medical plan’s coverage and the provider directory for a list of health care professionals and facilities in your plan’s network.
    Even when your appointment is for preventive care, you may receive other services during that exam that are not preventive. These other services are generally covered under your plan’s medical benefits, not your preventive care benefits. This means you may be responsible for paying a portion or all of the cost, depending on your plan’s deductible, copay, and coinsurance amounts.

    Consult this preventive care booklet for more information.
    This booklet lists the services and supplies that are considered preventive care under your plan.