Preventive Health Care

  • woman and child viewing ipadAetna's Simple Steps to a Life Health Assessment
    The Aetna Simple Steps program has transitioned to a new platform. Members may now start a new wellness journey and their data will be saved and documented on the new platform effective 7/1/2021. The Aetna Simple Steps program has several new features and enhancements detailed below.

    Members will need to log in or create an Aetna member profile at

  • What are changes to the program?

  • What's on the site?

  • Who can answer questions about the health assessment or the results that members receive?

  • What if a member had not finished their previous Journey before June 14, 2021?

  • How does a member know their Journey is complete? 

  • To make sure the care you need - without any unexpected costs - it's important for you to know.

  • Why do you need preventive care?

  • What’s preventive care?

  • What is not preventive care?

  • What's your share of the cost?