What are the options for child life/spouse Life and AD&D coverage?

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If you purchase supplemental coverage for yourself, you may also buy Life and AD&D coverage for your spouse and your children. The AD&D benefit matches the supplemental life benefit; AD&D is not a separate election.

If your spouse also works for the school district, you can be covered by supplemental life and AD&D or spouse life and AD&D, but not both. A child may not be insured by more than one employee.

You can cover your spouse at your coverage amount or $250,000, whichever is less, but any amount over $100,000 requires EOI. Your amount of coverage is determined by your base earnings as of January 1 of the plan year of coverage or the date you become benefits eligible, if later.

You have three options:
• One times your annual base salary
• Two times your annual base salary
• Three times your annual base salary

Spouse coverage is not effective until supplemental coverage is approved.

You have the following coverage options per child:
• $5,000
• $10,000
• $15,000
• $20,000

Child coverage is not effective until Supplemental coverage is approved. Your cost for child coverage is the same no matter how many eligible children you insure.