Can I use my FSA funds on the healthcare debit card at my doctor’s office?

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Yes. However, because your doctor’s office may charge more than is allowed under the vendor's agreement, the charges you pay at your doctor’s office with your debit card may be incorrect. Here’s how doctor office visits should be handled:
1- Your in-network doctor should file a claim with Cigna. If the doctor doesn’t file a claim, you must file a claim with Cigna. 
2- Cigna then pays your doctor the allowable amount.
3- If you’re responsible for a portion of the charges (for your annual deductible or coinsurance or for amounts above vendor's out-of-network fee schedule), you can pay that out of your health care FSA after you have used all of your HealthFund funds. Note: Effective January 1, 2017, HISD no longer contributes to your HealthFund, but you may continue to use any funds you have left over from previous years to pay for eligible expenses as long as you are enrolled in an HISD medical plan.