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Garden Oaks Montessori

Montessori Magnet with Environmental Sciences

Vision Statement

Core Beliefs


We believe in engaging the child in activities that promote:


·        Authentic problem-solving

·        Critical-thinking, reasoning and decision-making

·        Rigorous core curriculum including environmental  sciences

·        Communicating for a variety of purposes

·        Applying digital technologies

·        Developing social and academic responsibility,


So that we empower our children with 21st Century tools to communicate and advocate for our Earth and themselves.


Garden Oaks Creed
I am a success!  I believe in myself and my ability
 to do my best.  I am positive, confident, and kind
to others.  I am in control at all times and take
responsibility for my actions. I have the courage 
to endure and persist.  I know I can
succeed at school and in my community.
I am a Garden Oaks success!!
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