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Welcome to Robert L. Frost School of Space Science

Robert L. Frost Elementary is pleased to announce that we achieved the state standard in our second year at 5002 Almeda-Genoa.  In addition, we were recognized for Distinguished Performance in math, in reading and in Overall Growth.
Robert L. Frost School of Space Science strives to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of each and every student to prepare him or her for success in a rapidly changing world. The school, parents, and community work in partnership to develop in each student academic excellence, social responsibility and personal integrity. All stakeholders are committed to the implementation of the State and District grade level standards.
                  Frost Jaguar
All staff members at Robert L. Frost School of Space Science are dedicated to providing our students with the preparatory tools necessary to become successful Americans and to be able to assimilate and compete in our rapidly changing, multicultural and technological society.
Therefore, we are committed to the belief that all students can learn and experience academic success throughout the school year. We will have exemplary leadership and effective teachers in every classroom. With dedication, determination, sacrifice, effort and drive, this will result in a well-rounded, self-sufficient student who will be most thoroughly prepared and motivated to meet the challenges of middle school and beyond.
Respect yourself, respect others and say a kind word to someone.

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