• FRENCH 2 SYLLABUS   2014-2015


    Teacher: Madame Justiss

    E-mail jjustiss@houstonisd.org  Phone (713) 723-6015 extension 384

    Conference periods: 6th (11:45-2:00 even days) and 7th (1:30-4:00 odd days)

    Tutoring: 6th period during lunch If you can’t make it during lunch, I will work around your schedule to find a time that works for both of us.


    Dear Parents and Students:


    Rebonjour!  Welcome to French 2.  I am so glad you are continuing your studies of the French language and French culture.  We will be studying several new verb tenses so by the end of the year students will be able to speak in the conditional and future tenses as well as several past tenses.  After the study of more advanced grammatical structures, students will sound more “native” when they speak and write French.  The continued study of vocabulary is still very important because it will enable students to have more complex conversations and express themselves more freely in French.  This year’s topics include cinema, health, the bank, the train station, the art of cooking, cars and hotel stays.


    Grades will be weighted according to their importance.  Daily work will count as 40%, test and projects 40%, quizzes 10% and homework 10%.



    There will be “do now” assignments as well as workbook and textbook exercises to complete.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up the work.



    If a student is absent for any daily assignment, he or she has three class periods to turn in the assignment.  If the student fails to get the work, there will be one comprehensive make-up assignment at the end of the nine weeks which will count for all the missing assignments.


    Tests are given at the end of a unit and are very comprehensive.  They consist of vocabulary, grammar, and culture.  Students are also tested on listening and required to write an essay on each test.


    In order to build vocabulary, there will be a vocabulary quiz every two to three class periods.   For each unit, there will also be a speaking quiz. 


    If a student is absent, he or she will be required to make up that test during class time the day the student returns.  Students may retake any test or quiz for a better grade so long as it is within one week and done before school, after school, or during lunch.


    All French students are required to keep a notebook.  You will turn in the notebook every six weeks and it will count as a daily grade.  The notebook may be hard or soft cover, a three-ring binder or a folder.  Notebooks have three sections: vocabulary, notes, and worksheets.  After January when students receive laptops, hopefully will be able to keep electronic notebooks instead of paper ones



    Students are expected to be in class every day.  Parents will be notified after a student misses three class periods.  When a student is on a field trip or with another adult, it is the responsibility of that person to mark the student present.


                                              French Classroom Expectations

    1. Be on task. (doing what you’re supposed to be doing in order to learn)
    2. Follow all school rules.
    3. Bring something to write on and write with.
    4. Talk only when it’s your turn.
    5. Stay seated until you have permission to get up.


    1. Reminder of the expectation
    2. Write a paragraph and detention
    3. Call home and referral to the dean
    4. After the 4th referral, you will be removed from the class.

    A student’s removal from the class is pursuant to the Safe Schools Act TEC Chapter 37



    Orange tickets (my version of detention)

    If a student is not meeting one of the values or expectations, he or she will be asked to go to the classroom next door and write a reflection paragraph.  Upon returning to the classroom, he or she will receive an orange ticket with a time and a date to come and discuss ways the teacher can better help him or her meet expectations.


    Green tickets (my version of tutorials)

    If student needs some extra help, he or she will receive a green ticket with a time and date on to come have a snack with the teacher and discuss his or her progress.




    I want all parents and students to know the best way to reach me is the e-mail listed at the beginning of this letter.  I check it several times a day but I check my voice mail and messages in Grade Speed only once a day.



    I look forward to a great year.  Allez!  Au travail!





    Jennifer Justiss