• Light Project- 1/4-1/22

    Begins in January for students who had first semester and do not need any skill development/reteaching
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  • Final Exam Review

    The test is 50 questions and consists of 22 short answer/response, 8 true/false, and 20 multiple choice. 
    You need to know:
    *Elements- color, texture, form, line, space, value
    *Principles- unity, repetition, movement, balance, proportion, emphasis
    *Forms- cylinder, cube, cone, sphere (3 dimensions- height, width, and DEPTH)
    *Sketch/Studies-- all about practicing, if it looks wrong identify errors adjust and fix "don't throw your cupcakes away" embrace                               your mistakes its how you learn! Michelangelo- human form sketch
    *Artist Critiques
          Artists- Michelangelo, Natsumi Hayashi, Pablo Picasso
                -Analyze --what do you see?
                -Interpret-- why did the artist do it?
                -Evaluate-- what do you think? what would you have done different? 
          "Ninja Turtles" - Michelangelo and Leonardo--- No Donnie or Raph this time. 
     *Color Theory
             Primary, Secondary, Tertiary/Intermediate colors
             Complimentary colors  - opposite on the color wheel, (red/green, orange/blue, yellow/violet)
             Color Mixing (2 primary=secondary, 2 complimentary= neutral/brown) 
    Be able to draw: (watch youtube videos or come to tutorials for guidance)
    Value scale-- techniques graded, 1 layer 1 direction, solid fill "no spaceo de blancitos"
    1 Form drawing-- include shading, cast shadow, background to get rid of outlines. 
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  • 12/8-12/15

    Lead into next semester.
    Make up assignments/grade recovery
    Study for Final exam 
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  • Grid and Color Theory 11/4-12/5

    Things you need to know from this include
    Primary colors- red, yellow, blue
    Secondary colors- orange, green, violet
    Complimentary colors- opposite on the color wheel
    Mixing 2 primary colors creates a secondary color 
    Mixing 2 complimentary colors will create a brown if equally mixed, or a dulled down color of whichever has more in it.
    You will learn more on this again in the watercolor unit. 
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  • Collage Unit 10/6-10/27

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