Instrumental Audition Tips from Teachers

Instrumental Audition Tips from Students



    Each instrumental area has its own requirements for auditions, please click on the appropriate link to the left to see the audition requirements before applying to Kinder HSPVA.
    • If you play trumpet, trombone, or saxophone and are interested in Jazz, you must audition for Band.  You will have the opportunity to perform jazz during the audition process.
    • If you play guitar, your options are Classical Guitar, Jazz Electric Guitar or Mariachi Guitar.
    • If you play the drums and/or percussion, your options are Jazz Drumset or Percussion (Band).
    • If you play the piano, your options are Classical Piano or Jazz Keyboard. 
    • If you play the violin, your options are Orchestra or Mariachi.
    • If you play the trumpet, your options are Band or Mariachi. 
    • If you play the bass or double bass, your options are Orchestra or Jazz.

    Note:  You may audition for one or two departments and/or instruments.  On the application, you only need to select "Instrumental" once.  If you are submitting auditions for more than one Instrumental department and/or instrument, upload them individually on the Acceptd platform.

  • Audition materials for the 2024-25 school year will be accepted at beginning January 18, 2024.  The deadline to submit materials is February 23, 2024. 


    1. If you have not already created an account with Acceptd, you will need to do that first.  Acceptd is a platform used by some of the best colleges, universities, conservatories, summer programs, and competitions.  This platform is NOT connected with and your username and passwords do not need to match.  We suggest that you sign up as a parent, and when adding your student, indicate that the student does NOT have an email account.  If you include your student’s email address, they will need to verify the account before you submit their application.
    2. After creating an account, you’ll need to browse programs and search for “HSPVA” or make sure you are logged in and click HERE
    3. Complete the application and upload materials as directed.

    For technical questions, please visit Acceptd's Applicant Help Desk.