Jazz Band, Marching Band, and Orchestra
    **Mandatory auditions will be scheduled via email through Natalie Fischer (nfischer@houstonisd.org) or Nancy Mendez (nmendez@houstonisd.org) after you have submitted your application. All auditions will be done virtually through Microsoft TEAMS and will begin in November 2020. 
    Please be aware that acceptance into our Music program requires
    after school and weekend practice and performances
    Audition Requirements:
    Students must have one prepared selection of at least 45 to 90 seconds, play scales (as many as they know), and sight read music. 
    Should you need assistance preparing for your audition, please contact Natalie Fischer at nfischer@houstonisd.org or Nancy Mendez at nmendez@houstonisd.org.
    Students must provide their own instrument during the audition.
    Should there be absolutely no way to do this, please email Natalie Fischer at nfischer@houstonisd.org at least one week before your audition date.  
    Session Length:
    10 minutes 
    We are happy to accept students of all experience levels. We ask that you please come prepared and display
    a commitment to your participation in the audition process and in the Westbury HS Magnet Program.