• Instrumental Music:

    Marching Band

    Jazz Band


    Mandatory auditions will be handled via ACCEPTD after you have submitted your application.
    You will be able to upload the required pieces via the platform upon receipt of an email from Natalie Fischer. 

    Please be aware that acceptance into our Music program requires

    after school and weekend practice and performances. 


    Audition Requirements:

    ***Phase III Applicants (if you applied between March 13 and August 2021) will only do Part 1 of the Audition Requirements outlined below unless requested otherwise. ***

    Part 1: 

    Prepare and upload a video recording of yourself performing a piece of your choosing with your instrument. The selection should be at least 45 to 90 seconds. Additionally, you may also choose to answer the questions below:


    1. Why are you applying for the Instrumental Music program at Westbury High School? 
    2. What other reasons do you have for wanting to attend Westbury High School? 
    3. How would you describe yourself as a student?
    4. What role does music play in your life? 
    5. What are 2-3 personal interests/ hobbies? What makes you enjoy these? 
    6. Who is a favorite music artist of yours and why? 
    7. Conclude with why you should be accepted into our program and any other informationyou would like for us to know about you. 

    Students must provide their own instrument during the audition. We recommend asking your Middle School or local instrumental rental location to borrow an instrument and/or allowing you to do your recording there. Should there be absolutely no way to do this, please upload a video of yourself thoroughly answering the questions above. 


    Part 2 - Call Back (only upon invitation):

    This portion of your audition may or may not be required to make a decision. For this reason, please ensure you upload a video for Part 1 that is a high quality depiction of why you should be accepted into the Westbury High School Magnet Program for Instrumental Music. 

    Call Back Session Length:

    5 minutes 


    Should you need assistance preparing for your audition, please contact Natalie Fischer at nfischer@houstonisd.org or Nancy Mendez at nmendez@houstonisd.org.


    We are happy to accept students of all experience levels. We ask that you please come prepared and display a commitment to your participation in the audition process and in the Westbury HS Magnet Program.