Q: How will my audition be scheduled?

    A: If you apply online at https://choosehisd.my.site.com/Apply/SiteLanding, you will schedule your audition when you apply, if you submit a paper application, auditions are scheduled via email and it takes about two weeks for scheduling. Please be sure your email is accurate and legible on the application. It is your responsibility to contact the magnet office to schedule an audition.

    Q: What if I do not have an email address?

    A: If you do not have an email address, then you will need to call Donovan Harris, Magnet Coordinator, at 713-723-6015. You may also call Nancy Mendez, Magnet Clerk. Please be persistent until you get a response as it is required that you audition. Once the auditions are over they cannot be recreated. There are no late auditions.

    Q: How long will it take to hear from Westbury about my application and audition?

    A: The online system will send you an email confirming your audition schedule. If you do not get this confirmation you will need to contact the Magnet Coordinator to be sure your application is processed. Please be persistent to get your audition scheduled. If the response to you ends up in your junk mail or is bounced back for whatever reason, Westbury will not know about it. Therefore, if you have not heard from the online system or the Westbury Magnet Office, call Donovan Harris, Magnet Coordinator, at 713-723-6015 or email at Donovan.Harris@houstonisd.org.

    Q: What if I cannot attend the audition for which I am scheduled?

    A: Auditions are mandatory and dates are limited. Therefore, please make every effort to attend the audition for which you are scheduled. If you absolutely cannot make an audition because of illness or crisis, let the Magnet Coordinator know as soon as possible. He will try to accommodate you.

    Q: Will there be in-person tours on campus this year?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Can I audition in more than one art area?

    A: Yes. You are, however, NOT required to audition in two art areas. 

    Q: What should I know in preparation for an audition?

    A: Be sure to prepare for the audition according to specified criteria. These are individual auditions and spots are tightly scheduled. There is no advantage to being last in the audition pool, but a very definite advantage to those who follow audition criteria carefully. 

    Q: What is the next step once I am accepted into the Fine Arts Magnet Program?
    A: Students who are accepted in the magnet program must provide Proof of Residence, parent/guardian identification that matches the PoR, and return the signed Magnet Entrance Agreement in order to confirm his/her seat in the program.