• Dance

    Mandatory auditions will be handled via ACCEPTD after you have submitted your application.
    You will be able to upload the required pieces via the platform upon receipt of an email from Arlice Young. 

    Please be aware that acceptance into our Dance program requires some 
    after school and weekend practice and performances. 


    Audition Requirements:

    ***Phase III Applicants (if you applied between March 11 and August 2022) will only do Part 1 of the Audition Requirements outlined below unless requested otherwise. ***

    Part 1: 

    Prepare and upload a video recording of yourself doing the choreography in the linked video:


    For your recording please wear a black leotard, pink tights, and ballet or jazz shoes. Should these be challenging to purchase if you do not already possess the attire, please wear fitted black clothing.

    • Make sure your entire body is visible in the video. 
    • Use as close a version as possible to Beyonce’s, “Spirit” (from The Lion King) as the background audio. 


    Part 2 - Call Back (only upon invitation):

    Applicant will meet with Dance instructor for a brief virtual group interview. 


    Call Back Session Length:

    20 minutes


    Should you need assistance preparing for your audition, please contact Arlice Young at ayoung5@houstonisd.org or Nancy Mendez at nmendez@houstonisd.org.  


    We are happy to accept students of all experience levels. We ask that you please come prepared and display a commitment to your participation in the audition process and in the Westbury HS Magnet Program.