• pets Inside Rx Pets Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is Inside Rx Pets?

    : The Inside Rx Pets card is a prescription discount card administered by Inside Rx, LLC, which is a partially owned subsidiary of Express Scripts, leveraging purchasing power to expand affordable access to brand and generic human medications for pets.
    The Inside Rx Pets card can provide savings at over 40,000 participating pharmacies. Based on Inside Rx data, over 50% of card users can average savings of 15% off brands and 77% off generics on the human medications pets need.

    Q: How do I get started with Inside Rx Pets?

    You will receive an email with a link to obtain your Inside Rx Pets card. Download and/or print the card. You can look up the current price of the prescriptions and find a local pharmacy online. Then just take it to a participating pharmacy with your prescription. Show your card to the pharmacist, who will find your Inside Rx Pets discounted price. Then, pay and enjoy the savings. That’s it!

    Q: Where can I use my Inside Rx Pets card?

    The Inside Rx Pets discount card can be used at nearly 40,000 participating retail pharmacies that fill prescriptions for pets including Walgreens, CVS and the Kroger family of pharmacies. Check the Inside Rx Pets website to search for participating pharmacies.

    At this time, Inside Rx Pets cannot be used at the Express Scripts Pharmacy® (home delivery pharmacy).

    Q: Can I use the Inside Rx Pets card for ALL of my petsmedications?

    The Inside Rx Pets card can be used with valid prescriptions of human medications that pets need, written for animals by a veterinarian or another appropriately licensed care provider, at participating pharmacies that fill prescriptions for animals. However, it cannot be used for parasiticides or vaccines.

    The Inside Rx Pets card is not insurance and cannot be combined with any insurance benefit, copay assistance program, or other third-party financial benefits. Please also review the terms of use for the Inside Rx Pets card.

    Q: Are there fees for using Inside Rx Pets?

    There are no fees or costs, beyond what you are paying for the prescription itself. This is a value-added perk provided to you via our relationship with Inside Rx Pets, at no cost to you. Just show your prescription and your Inside Rx Pets card, and you’ll have access to Inside Rx Pets’ lowest possible pricing on your medication.

    Q: How can I check the price of my pet’s prescription?

    You can check the current price of your prescription online or by calling customer service at 1-800-722-8979. You can also ask the pharmacist at the counter to process a test claim to view pricing. Inside Rx cannot guarantee that the price you pay at the pharmacy will always be the price that is displayed or advertised in advance of your purchase. Pricing may change over time and may vary depending on the pharmacy at which you fill the medication.