• Health Syllabus 2019/2020


    Teacher- Mr. R. Hargrove

    Room- D103

    Phone-713-723-6015 EXT. 224

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    I.          Background

    This course is designed to explore Glencoe Health. The year is devoted to the study of health issue. 

                            on-line : (glencoehealthbookchapter) 


    II         Order of Topics

    The course shall be divided into the following sections.

    *First 6-Weeks- Living a Healthy Life, Building Character *Second 6-Week Managing Weight , Prenatal Development, *Third 6-Weeks STD’s, Group Project, and First Aid and Emergencies. **Parents we will have guest speakers to talk about human development ,reproduction and protection.**


    III.       Grading Policy

    The following is a breakdown of how the grades are calculated for each six weeks.

    Please note that the Portfolio (notebooks) shall count as a major grade each 6 week.

    ·         Major Exams/Assessments/Portfolio-minimum of 2 and preferably 3 per 6 weeks-40%

    ·         Daily- 40%

    ·         Quizzes-10%

    ·         Homework-10%


    IV.       Materials

    A. Notebook- It is used to organize and keeps track of the student’s progress. The materials inside represent what he/she has done during the 6 week period. After each 6 week is complete the notebook is cleaned out. (1 inch)

    B. Writing instruments- pen (Blue or Black ink Only) and pencils.

    C. Textbook-are to be brought to the classroom everyday.


    V.        Acknowledgment

    I have read the above and understand these rules shall be enforced on all students I also understand that the guidelines for the class may be adjusted based on the assignment along with the consequence.



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