• Welcome to Art, I am excited to have you in my class this school year.

    Course Overview: Students are given the opportunity to explore the elements of art and principles of design through: drawing, painting, 3D sculptures, art history, art critique, art shows and competitions.

    Studio Art Fee: A studio art fee of $10 is required of all students. Rather than students buying all the their supplies, storing and bringing to class each day, this fee enables the teacher to buy all necessary supplies that will be kept in the art studio. This fee also accounts for the non-reusable art materials such as drawings, sculptures, painting, etc. that are taken home. The fee should be turned in by the first 9 weeks.

    Students Will Also Need To Bring:

    Sketchbook (minimum size 6”x8”, 50 pages)

    1 canvas 16x20-

    1 of the following: roll of paper towels, hand sanitizer, or wet wipes

    ART class Procedures:

    ·        When you first enter the classroom SHARPEN your pencil, BEGIN your warm-up(put in your sketchbook)

    ·        If you are tardy, do not disturb any of your classmates, sign the tardy log and begin warm-up.

    ·        Take care of all your personal needs before you come to class, PASSES will only be given in the case of an emergency.

    ·        Bring your SKETCHBOOK to class everyday.

    ·        DO NOT bring any type of food in the classroom.

    ·        DO NOT remove or touch anything on my desks.

    ·        When you are finish with all the daily activities for the day, you may read an ARTbook or begin an extra credit drawing.

    Classroom Behavior Expectations:
    The art room is an environment where students should feel free to explore and experiment.  This can only happen when there is an atmosphere of trust between all students and faculty.  Students are expected to:

    1. Be a Responsible Student. (Bring your materials to school; get your work done, clean up your mess, etc.)

    2. Be a Respectful Student. (Respect the teachers, administrators, and other students.  When the teacher or another student is talking watch and listen out of respect.   Respect other student’s property, the classroom materials, and the school.  Be respectful when talking.  No vulgarity.  Speak in a positive manner.  The words “shut up, sucks and stupid” are not allowed in my classroom.)

    3. Be a Good Citizen of the School.  (Obey all school rules.)

    4. Be a Trustworthy Student. (I can trust you to take care of the classroom, to clean up your mess, to complete your work, and to speak appropriately.)

    5. Always do Your Personal Best.