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  • Teachers of the year

    Posted by Jorge Medina at 7/31/2013 10:35:00 AM
    Congratulations to:

    *   Major James Jones for being named "Teacher of the Year"

    *   Mr. David de Hoyos Salazar for being named "First Year Teacher of the Year"

    *   Ms. Irene Rodriguez-Reyes for being named "ESL Teacher of the Year"
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  • White Rose Lunchon
    Austin High School announces the fourth annual White Rose Luncheon to be held on Thursday, March 12th, 2015 at 6:00 pm at the University of Houston Hilton Hotel, 4800 Calhoun.  The donation is $50 per person and there are sponsorships available.  The keynote speaker is Brigaider General Joe E. Ranmirez Jr., US Army, Ret.
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    This year's Code of Student Conduct is here.
      Take a minute to learn about the district's expectations for our students and the possible consequences for lack of compliance.
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  • Teachng professions
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  • A message from our Principal, Mr. Jorge Arredondo

    Celebrate Thanksgiving by encouraging gratitute in children. As November gets under way, many thoughts come to mind. Cooler temperatures. Turkey dinners. School breaks, Vacation plans. It can be all too easy to get caught up in the coming holiday season. But as we approach Thanksgiving, we should remember to slow down and take time to be grateful - and we should encourage our children to do the same. Being grateful can make a difference in our students' lives. According to research conducted by California State University, grateful teens are more likely to be happy, less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, and less likely to suffer from behavioral problems at school. Grateful students also are less likely to cheat on exams or skip school. When we teach our students to be more grateful, we're ultimately helping them become more caring and compassionate adults. Here are a few ways that you can help develop feelins of gratitude in your children. 1. Ask them to keep a daily gratitude journal. Have them list the things for which they are grateful and elaborate on why they feel that way. 2. Spend time with them and talk about the positive things in their lives. 3. Teach them to write Thank you notes for people who have helped them. 4. Explain how expressing gratitude to friends can build stronger relationships. Encourage students who have reached a goal or milestone to express their gratitude to those who encouraged them and supported them. I am grateful to all of you in our school community. I hope you have a great November and a Happy Thanksgiving. Jorge Arredondo.

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  • Academic Achievers Program Prepares Mustangs for College

    Please take a minute to learn about the impact that the Academic Achievers Program has had in the lives of our students by viewing this video.

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  • East End Festival Marching Band Extravaganza

    Austin High School's Marching Band and Milby High School's Marching Band join the University of Houston's Marching Band to practice for the East End Festival's Extravaganza on the Esplanade.

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  • Bell Schedule

    We have included copies of the different bell schedules for this year, including early dismissal and advocacy schedules.

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