• Building relationship with our friends in China!
    Celebrating Partnership Between MCLIMS and Renmin
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    We are glad to establish sister school relationships with two elite elementary schools in China: Elementary School Affiliated to Renmin University of China in Beijing (中国人民大学附属小学 or 人大附小) and The First Primary School of GaoAn Road in Shanghai (高安路第一小学 or 高一小学).
    The agreement with our sister school in Beijing was established since January 1, 2013 and we recently started the partnership with our second sister school in Shanghai on June 17, 2014. Media Coverage & Partnership Signing Ceremony
    We are so exited to have 2 sister schools in China. Here are some of the letters that are delivered to our friends in China. Hopefully they can receive them before 2015.
    Letters to Our Friends in China  
    Our students had made some greeting cards for our sister school in Beijing when our Assistant Principal, Mr. Roberts, visited China in November, 2013. We are so excited to receive what they made for us!
    Panda from RDFX  Rainbow from RDFX
    (Click on the pictures above to view more greeting cards from our friends in China!)
    Season's Greeting to our friends in 人大附小!
    Ms. H Liu & Ms. Simpson's Homerooms (PreK)
    Greeting from H Liu and Simpson
    (Click on the pictures below to hear the greetings!) 
    Ms. Wu's Homeroom (Kindergarten)
    Ms. Ward's Homeroom (Kindergarten)
    Greeting from Wu's Class
    Greeting from Ward
    Ms. Y. Wang's Homeroom (Kindergarten)Ms. McClenny's Homeroom (Kindergarten)
    Greeting from Y Wang Greeting from McClenny
    Ms. Lum's Homeroom (1st Grade)
    Ms. Gutman's Homeroom (1st Grade)
    Greeting from Lum
    Greeting from Gutman

    Ms. Chen's Homeroom (1st Grade)
    Ms. Patel's Homeroom (1st Grade)
    Greeting from Chen
    Greeting from Patel
    Ms. Yin's Homeroom (2nd Grade)Ms. Butler's Homeroom (2nd Grade)
    Greeting from Yin Greeting from Butler
    Ms. J. Wang & Mr. Liu's Homerooms (3rd Grade)
    Mr. Hering & Ms. Gray's Homerooms (4th/5th Grades)
    Greeting from J Wang and Liu
    Greeting from Hering and Gray
    MCLIMS Newsletter (by 3rd Grade Students)
    I am very excited to present you the first edition of our very own Third Grade Chinese Newsletter.
    Season's Greeting from our friends in 2nd Grade in 人大附小!
    Merry Christmas from Sway
    Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas Cindy
    Merry Christmas YuanTai
    Merry Christmas
    rainbow girl
    Merry Christmas Terry
    Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas
    Merry Chistmas