HISD HUB Digital Resources

  •   HISD Hub

    MIMS Students can access Digital Resources using their Student ID # and password through the HISD Power UP HUB 24 hours a day by visiting houston.itslearning.com.

    The HUB is part of HISD’s larger efforts to digitally transform teaching and learning throughout the district. A learning management system is an online environment that can be used by teachers and students to give everyone involved in a child’s education the information, digital tools, and resources they need to learn together — both inside and outside the classroom. This system also provides a centralized location for district-approved curriculum and third-party applications.

    Student Login to the HUB & Digital Resources

    1. Open a web browser (preferably Chrome) to access the HISD HUB.

    2.  When prompted with the Houston ISD Login Service screen, students will enter:


          Username: Student\S###### (“#” is the student’s ID number)
          Password: XXXXXXXX (“X” is the student’s 8-digits birthday. For example, August 10, 2008 is 08102008)


    The HUB is set-up for single-sign on; therefore, it will recognize the student from their initial login to the computer/laptop. Once in the HUB, the student should see their name in the upper right-hand corner.

    After successfully logging into the HUB, you will see the student Home page as shown below.

    digital resources HISD
     There are many different digital resources for Houston ISD students as shown below.

    1.  Scroll down as needed to find available resources:

    digital resource display  
    * Istation is not accessible yet through the HUB.
       It requires a software download available at http://www.istation.com/Support#download

    The Power UP Hub is accessible for students via individual QR Code on both iOS & Android devices:
       iOS Instructions: 
       Android Instructions: