• Weekly Learning Objectives 
    Learning objectives are communicated with parents via Teachers each week. Please notify classroom teachers if you are not clear about the method of weekly communication to the classroom group. 
    Curriculum Resources
    Students at MIMS are not only held accountable for mastering Mandarin Chinese language and culture, but also meeting academic expectations set for all other HISD students.  
    Teaching and Learning  
    Do students who already know how to do a certain kind of math problem benefit from repeated practice or is it a waste of time? How do students build their vocabulary in a way that yields lasting benefit? These are just two topics touched on by teaching expert Doug Lemov in an informative Podcast interview from Econtalk.   http://www.econtalk.org/archives/2013/12/doug_lemov_on_t.html 
    Small Things Make A Big Difference
    Does improving something by 1% matter? What about improving fifteen things by 1%? We are continually looking for ways to make small improvements to every asp ect of our school. Everything matters, from the timing of curriculum components to arrival and dismissal procedures. Thank you for helping us by giving us feedback and by respecting even the little rules that make a big difference. http://jamesclear.com/marginal-gains
    Challenge Young Minds
    Our teachers develop lessons to challenge our students and promote higher order thinking skills every day! 
    Students Should Be Tested More, Not Less 
    We have different ways to "test" our students every day because we need to know where they are so that we can challenge them each and every day.