DECEMBER 2018

    • 'Chat With Chang: SEL'
    • Scholastic Book Fair
    • MIMS VIP Parent Badges
    • Spring 2019 Registration for MIMS After-School Programs 
    • After-School Activities Cancelled Due to Weather


    DECEMBER 10, 2018


    The topic this month at MIMS is SEL (Social Emotional Learning) & Understanding Our Teachers (continued).
    Here are the key notes:

    • We have 30+ students signed up for Psych on Site service. The counselor is on campus to assess students for eligibility.
    • Parents mentioned that some parents are not as courteous as others. I will continue to encourage parents to support our teachers and each other.
    • Middle-of-Year Teacher Satisfaction Survey has been sent to teachers.
    • HISD School Choice has heard our desire to continue language learning in High School. Proposal will be made to present to the Board.

    January, 10 2019 'Chat With Chang' will address MIMS Middle School Course Sequence

    The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to our school! You are invited to join your child and help him/her find the books he/she will enjoy reading. Children will be visiting the Book Fair during their Ancillary/Library time and will have the opportunity to make their wish list and shop. Pre-K, Kinder, and Elementary will visit the fair during their Library schedule. If your child wants to shop during the class visit you can send money in a ziplock bag and label it with your child name. Middle school students can visit the book fair during homeroom period with homeroom teachers approval (e.g., planner signed by the homeroom teacher). Their ELA teacher will also make arrangementS for them to visit during ELA period. Parents are welcome to visit & shop after school from 4:15pm to 6:00pm.

    >>Here are some tips to consider before you visit!



    We are excited to introduce the MIMS VIPS Parent Badge. If you are HISD VIPS approved for the current school year, you are eligible to purchase a MIMS VIPS Parent Badge. Please find additional details in flyer linked below. 




    DECEMBER 7, 2018

    No after-school classes or clubs will take place at MIMS, Friday, December 7th due to the severe weather forecast.

    HOUSTON ISD WEATHER UPDATE: Due to the threat of severe weather, all HISD campus-based activities and athletic events are canceled for this evening . Stay tuned to   for updates.


    DECEMBER 6, 2018


    Registrations for MIMS After School Programs in Spring 2019 will be accepted on Monday Dec. 10th at 8:00 in MIMS Learning Commons.  Fall accounts must have a $0 balance.


    Registrations will be accepted all day ONLY on Monday, December 10th then from Tuesday 12/11-12/19 from 10:30-1:30 and from 2:30-6:30 through Dec. 19th.

    NO registrations will be accepted after December 19th until school resumes on January 7th.  If registered on January 7th,  student will not be able to start until the 9th.



    NOVEMBER 2018


    NOVEMBER 27, 2018


    Please join us at the MIMS Winter Showcase on December 1, 2018 for a celebration of the arts with our talented students! 




     Mr. Platt and Ms. Yin will be on hand to discuss the upcoming 8th Grade AP Chinese Exam and answer any questions you may have at an informational session on December 17th from 4:30-5:30 pm.


    NOVEMBER 13, 2018


    By partnering with Boosterthon, our students will participate in a two-week, fitness-based fundraiser where they’ll learn essential character traits through this year’s theme: MINDSPARK MYSTERY LAB. This year’s main fall fundraiser is the MIMS Fun Run! It’s a two-week program that kicks off with a Pep Rally on November 13th. Families will then gather pledges for every lap your student runs (30-35 laps), and we’ll celebrate at the Fun Run on Friday, November 30th. With our big goal of raising $25,000 for library shelves, biology materials, and lockers, we asked the Fun Run experts at Boosterthon to power our Fun Run and make it easier, more profitable, and more fun.  Students will also experience an amazing character theme, MINDSPARK MYSTERY LAB! Boosterthon’s most exciting theme yet combines S.T.E.A.M skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) with character-building. While they're teaming up with the MindSpark Kids to solve mysteries, our students will learn five 21st-century character traits that will help strengthen themselves and our world. Please help our school by reaching out to sponsors. Also, all families are invited to come out and cheer on your student at the Fun Run on November 30th! Thank you for your support!


    • Pledging Opens - 11/9 [Log on to FUNRUN.COM]
    • Pep Rally - 11/13
    • Fun Run - 11/30  [SAVE THE DATE! You’re Invited!]
    • Mindspark Clip
    • Flyer 1 
    • Flyer 2



    >> MAP

    1. Please follow the directions of traffic flow and be courteous when the lanes merge.
    2. Pedestrian traffic is heavy from 8:15 AM to 8:45 AM and from 3:40 PM to 4:10 PM. Please drive slowly and be ready to stop for pedestrians.
    3. Drop-off
      a. Please drop off your child only at designated area:
         i. Park by the curb side in front of the school, or
        ii. Park in the Parent/Visitor Parking area.
      b. Please do not park in the middle of traffic flow to drop off your child.
    4. Pick-up
      a. Please form a line at the curb side in front of the school and have your placard ready.
      b. Please move your vehicle forward and fill the empty space before picking up your child.
      c. If your child requires additional assistance to buckle-up, please plan to park in the Parent/Visitor Parking area and pick up your child at the cafeteria door.
    5. The parking lot next to our building is designated for teacher parking between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
    6. If the parking lot is full, please utilize street parking around campus and respect the city regulation.



    A Middle School Q&A Informational Session for students and their families will take place Monday, November 26, 2018 from 5:00-6:00 pm.



    Several parents participated in the “Chat with Chang” on November 8th. Although the topic was “understanding our teachers”, my focus was to help our parents understand our Chinese teachers better. Parents identified some areas that might lead to misunderstanding and I provided feedback based on my personal experiences. It is not an excuse for our teachers, but I wanted parents to know that our teacher try their best to work with them in order to support our students. Here are some key points.

    1. Incorrect Grammar: Most of our teachers learn English as a second language. Mistakes do happen, but the teachers are encouraged to work with English teachers to proofread emails and other documents.
    2. Writing Style: In Chinese writing, details are often inferred and “the less is more”. Teachers are encouraged to provide more details when communicating with parents. Parents are encouraged to ask clarification questions before forming conclusions. 
    3. Differentiation: Most of the classrooms in China or Taiwan expect students work on the same assignments. HISD TADS standard (I-3) expects teachers to provide differentiated instructions. Rigor and differentiation have been on our PD agenda every year. 
    4. Negative Feedback: Chinese teachers tend to be straightforward when interacting with students by pointing out the areas that require attention for improvement. There are PD sessions focusing on communicating effectively with parents. One parent pointed out that it can be considered as “shaming” if a teacher identifies all students who have passed the test because it can be inferred that the rest of the students fail. Teachers need to be aware to protect students’ privacy.
    5. Parents were advised to reach out and communicate their concerns with teachers. However, only focus on the facts and try not to add emotion in the emails (e.g., all caps, strong adjectives).

    Next Chat with Chang will be on December 6th. The topic will be “SEL at MIMS”. Per parent request, I will also talk about “Building Parent/Teacher Relationships”.

    weekly update

    OCTOBER 2018


    OCTOBER 31, 2018


    The MIMS Great Race is coming up on December 8, 2018! Please turn in your MIMS Great Race Registration Form to the Office Front Desk by November 16th. We are looking forward to seeing our teams collaborate and compete at this exciting event!



    OCTOBER 24, 2018


    Dear Parents of 1st – 4th Grade and 6th – 8th Grade,

    If you’re interested in having your child tested for Gifted and Talented (G/T) services, please email Mr. Platt at scott.platt@houstonisd.org. Mr. Platt will send you an application you’ll have to fill out; it’s due on November 14th.   In other words, the absolute deadline for signing your children up for G/ testing is November 14th.


    1. Q: Who should participate in the testing?
      A:  Any non-identified G/T student currently enrolled at MIMS.
    1. Q:  If one of my children does not attend MIMS, can they be tested for G/T at MIMS?
      A:  No, non-MIMS enrolled students must be tested at their zoned, neighborhood school.
    1. Q:  How much class time will my child miss for testing?
      A:  The G/T testing lasts for two and a half instructional days.
    1. Q:  Whom do I contact to find out if my child is already G/T identified?
      A:  Mr. Platt will be glad to help you: scott.platt@houstonisd.org
    1. Q:  Whom do I contact with general questions about G/T testing?
      A:  Mr. Platt will be glad to help you: scott.platt@houstonisd.org

              Thank you,
              Mr. Platt



    Please be aware of policies and procedures in MIMS Parent/Student Handbook.
    Changes to your child’s after school transportation must be made by 3:15 PM. Any change in dismissal procedure must be submitted through email to MIMSdismissal@houstonisd.org.



     COntestants are cordially invited to the first annual Carnegie Vanguard High School Math and Science Competition for 6-12 on Saturday, October 28, 2017. Find further informationin the included files.

    OCTOBER 19, 2018
    PSAT Test [8th Grade Parents]

    Friday, October 26th, MIMS 8th graders will take the PSAT test.  Please find important PSAT information in the attached letter.

    >> LETTER

    OCTOBER 18, 2018
    Student Pick-Up on Early Dismissal Days

     Please be aware of the revised traffic redirection and flow for student pick-up on early dismissal days as detailed in the attached letter. 

    >> LETTER

    OCTOBER 9, 2018

    HISD Bus Transportation Badge Program

    HISD’s Transportation Services is implementing a student badge program designed to help the district track ridership and utilization of buses and routes, while also allowing parents to track when their students get on and off the bus — enhancing efficiency and safety across the system. Personalized badges will be provided to all registered HISD bus riders.  Badge distribution will take place at MIMS beginning the week of October 15th.  Tracking will be implemented at MIMS in phase 1 of district-wide implementation and will launch as a pilot program. Parents will be notified throughout the launch as badges are distributed and tracking is implemented.


    Informational Flyers:


    Instructional Videos: 

    OCTOBER 5, 2018 

    Chat with Chang: Immersion 101

    One of the strategies to help our students develop advanced language skills is to create various opportunities to apply their classroom learning in real-life situations (e.g., dialogues in the morning assembly, Great Race, academic competitions, student ambassadors). The 17th Greater Houston Area Chinese Speech Contest will be held on November 4th. Please review PTO webpage (mimspto.org) for more details. Here are some strategies provided by the event host.

    1. Pick a title and tell a story that the student can relay.
    2. Provide enough details in the story so that the student can finish within time limit.
    3. Add gestures and facial expressions to enhance the speech.
    4. If preferred, simple prompts are allowed.
    5. Please do not read the script.


    OCTOBER 4, 2018 

    HISD Gifted & Talented Informational Sessions

    HISD's Gifted and Talented Department will host Gifted and Talented Parent Informational Sessions to inform parents about the services offered within the district. Each session will contain the same content. These sessions will give overview information about the Gifted and Talented Programs. The intended audience is parents who would like to learn more about the Gifted and Talented/Vanguard Program within HISD. Students are not required to attend, nor will there be childcare. Session dates include Thursday, October 18, 2018 or Wednesday, November 14, 2018Each session will be held from 5:30 – 7pm at Hattie Mae White ESC 4400 West 18th St. Houston, TX 77092-8501. Parents are not required to attend the meeting to apply for the Gifted and Talented Programs. The session will review frequently asked questions surrounding the Gifted and Talented Program.


    SEPTEMBER 2018

    SEPTEMBER 26, 2018 

    Title 1

    Title 1 Parent Compact and Family Engagement Policy


    Greater Houston Area Chinese Speech Contest

    The 17th Greater Houston Area Chinese Speech Contest will be held on November 4th at MIMS. Please refer to the files linked below for more information regarding the competition and registration.

    SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 

    Middle School Student Council Election

    Congratulations to our 2018-19 Middle School Student Council Officers and Representatives!
    Click HERE to see the election results!


    Chat with Chang on 9/20/18 will address China Trip for 8th Graders:

    Key Points:

    • Our 8th graders are eligible to participate the China trip hosted by HISD Confucius Institute 2019
    • Last year’s trip was in the last 2 weeks of June (CI is waiting for confirmation from the university for the dates)
    • Students will spend 2 weeks in Harbin Normal University (teacher prep university)
    • Live on campus (half day intensive language lessons, half day cultural excursion)
    • HISD chaperons, no parents (8 to 1 adult to student ratio)
    • Estimated fee per student: $2,200 that includes airfare, VISA, insurance, and fees (need to be paid in full 6 weeks prior to departure)
    • Application should be ready by mid-October
    • Stay tuned for more information


    We Are Girls, Austin Conference

    We Are Girls Austin Conference Details:

    • When- Saturday, November 3, 2018 from 9am-3pm (Door open at 8am)
    • Where- Anderson High School, 8403 Mesa Dr., Austin, TX 78759
    • Who- Girls in grades 3rd-8th and the adults that care about them. (That includes parents, guardians, social workers, counselors and anyone else that supports young girls in their lives.)
    • Theme- ‘Ignite Her Power’

    Cost- Tickets are $20 early bird rate per person until October 1st, tickets are $30 per person thereafter. You can apply for an individual scholarship by visiting www.wearegirls.org. To apply for a large group scholarship (10+ people) please email miranda@girlsempowermentnetwork.org.

    SEPTEMBER 24,2018

    MIMS Fall Conference Nights & Data Reviews

    MIMS Fall Conference Nights & Data Reviews for PK-8th Grade will take place from 6 PM- 7PM on these upcoming evenings in October. Parents will be able to learn about their children’s academic performance and their social emotional learning.

    • 10/15/18: 3rd Grade
    • 10/16/18: 4th Grade
    • 10/17/18: 5th Grade
    • 10/18/18: 6th Grade
    • 10/22/18: 7th/8th Grade
    • 10/23/18: 2nd Grade
    • 10/24/18: 1st Grade
    • 10/25/18: Kindergarten
    • 10/29/18: Prekindergarten

    MIMS 2018 Pink Out! 
    Students, Faculty, and Parents are encouraged to wear PINK Friday, October 19th in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Any school appropriate pink outfit will do. Orders will be shipped to Ms. Colion and distributed at the school. Parents, please list student name and grade. Deadline to order is Sunday, September 30th.

    Order your MIMS 2018 PINK OUT Shirt Now! https://www.customink.com/g/eev0-00bj-yte3 

    SEPTEMBER 19,2018

    Early Dismissal

    Early Dismissal Dates:  9/21/18,  10/19/18, 11/9/18, 1/18/19, 2/15/19

    Early Dismissal After-School Care Options:

    1. Parent pick up at 12:30
    2. Enroll in CIASP
      1. If you have signed up for regular care (child goes to CIASP every day), Early Dismissal Care is included.
      2. If you only have enrichments (child goes to CIASP for specific classes on specific days), Early Dismissal Care is NOT included.
      3. If you have occasional care, you can use one unit to cover the care from 12:30-3:50. (You will need to use another unit for 3:50-6:30 care.)
      4. You can also sign up Early Dismissal Care only. The application is available on school webpage or at the front desk. (https://www.houstonisd.org/Page/6964)
      5. Cost for CIASP
        • Occasional Care for 5 units for the fall semester: $105
        • Early Dismissal Care for 3 Early Dismissal Days in fall semester: $80

                    6. If you would like to sign up for the care for your child for Early Dismissal, please submit the application to the front desk.


    SEPTEMBER 13,2018 

    HISD Parent University

    HISD is dedicated to providing parents with the supports they need to be invested in the success of their children. Parent University supports parents and families in the education of their children, providing an introduction to district programs, community resources, and parent-engagement strategies. Each Parent University session will be held at four geographically dispersed locations on the same evening throughout the school year and will begin with a resource fair featuring HISD staff and community partners. At the end of the year, parent participants will receive recognition for their successful completion of the program. 

    Please kindly join our first Parent University session at MIMS!


    Date: Thursday September 27th, 2018 in the MIMS Cafeteria

    • 5:00-5:15   Welcome
    • 5:15-6:15   New Parent Group & Returning Parent Group
    • 6:15-6:30   Q&A

    Free Breakfast  & Lunch
    Thanks to HISD, all students in HISD are offered free breakfast and lunch. All of our breakfast is served in the classroom starting at 8:30 (except PK and Middle School Grades). Breakfast will be available in the cafeteria until 9:00 for late arrivals (including bus riders).

    Open House: Friday, September 21, 2018

    Open House for families of students in Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade will take place on September 21st from 1:00 pm - 3:50 pm. There will be 3 sessions presented by MIMS grade level teams. All sessions will be identical so parents can choose to attend multiple grade levels for siblings. Enrichment teachers will also be available and accessible to speak to parents at no set time throughout the afternoon. Please enter through Dragon Door at 1:00 pm.  [Flyer]

    • Session One: 1:00-1:50
    • Session Two: 2:00-2:50
    • Session Three: 3:00-3:50


    Grading Policy Update

    Changes in campus grading policies will be discussed at September 7, 2018 PTO Meeting by Principal Chang. Additional details about grading and homework policies will be presented at Open House by MIMS Grade Level Teams on September 21, 2018. These policies are also contained in each teacher's class syllabus.


    Communication Update

    Dear Parents,
    We appreciate your support with our successful first week of school. In order to continue to provide you the updates regarding your child’s education and school events. please review the following communication update about methods for this school year regarding email from teachers, MIMS newsletter and PTO Webpage or Facebook from Principal Chang. 


    *** Communication Update


    Security Measures

    We appreciate the parental involvement at MIMS. However, based on the new security measures advised by HISD, we need to check all visitors’ IDs (including yours or other HISD employees) every time when they enter the building. We understand the potential delays on some events so we are in the process of purchasing 2 additional sets of ID scanners and badge printers. Please contact Mr. Chang if you’d like to express your concerns.


    Grandparent’s Day Lunch

    You are warmly invited to attend our Grandparent’s Day Lunch and encouraged to bring food to eat with your child.


    To allow us time to process all IDs, please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to the lunch time that is assigned to your child’s grade level. You can find our lunch schedule HERE.


    [See above 'Security Measures']


    September 11, 2018 – SLL, PreK, 2nd & 3rd Grades
    September 12, 2018 – Kinder, 4th & MS Grades
    September 13, 2018 – 1st & 5th Grades

    Time: Regular lunch period

    Location: MIMS Cafeteria 



    AUGUST 2018

    Club Approval & Scheduling
    Club submissions are currently being processed.  Please do not schedule club meetings until officially approved and assigned a classroom location. 


    MIMS Office Front Desk Hours
    The MIMS Office Front Desk business hours are from 8:00-5:00 pm [with the exception of 3:30-4:10 pm when the office closes for campus-wide Dismissal]. No students are permitted to return to classrooms unless accompanied by a teacher after 3:50 pm. 


    Communicating Dismissal Changes
    We apologize for the inconveniences of the new HISD Magnet Hub Bus System. If you know that there are transportation changes for your child ahead of time, please email the changes to directly to their teachers. If you have temporary changes, please email the changes to MIMSDismissal@houstonisd.org on the day of the change.


    The Legend of Drums-Drumming the Sky and Earth
    Miller Outdoor Theater Performance: Friday, August 31, 2018, 8 p.m.
    Taiwan Ten-Drum Art Percussion Group makes its U.S. debut and only 2018 U.S. appearance at Miller with a powerful and unforgettable performance of Taiwanese drumming and culture.

    HISD Magnet Hub Transportation: 

    HISD is implementing a new system and the transportation department is trying address a range of problems. Schools are asked to provide “passes” to and from students’ designated hub locations based on home address and zip code. Using an alternative hub location is not allowed as it could cause overcrowding and safety issues on the buses. Therefore, we will be available at the school entrance area to provide passes to HISD Magnet Hub stops based on address and zip code as assigned by HISD Transportation Department ‘InfoFinder’ during Meet & Greet on August 23rd. No route reassignments will be made during first 3 weeks of school and there is no guarantee that it will be possible after that point. 

    Find My Route > Infofinder

    HISD Transportation Department FAQ's:

    My student is assigned to a hub that is too far from my home. Can I send my student to another stop?

    Unfortunately, no. Magnet students riding HISD buses may only ride their assigned bus route. While we understand that change is difficult, this program was implemented as way to ensure we’re providing safe, reliable, and efficient transportation to all magnet students and that we’re able to continue to do so despite districtwide budget restrictions. If you have specific questions about your assignment, please contact the Customer Care Team at 713-556-9400
    What if I never receive a postcard with my assigned bus route and hub location?
    Please contact the Customer Care Team at 713-556-9400. You may also visit www.houstonisd.org/transportation and click on the Transfinder tool. Type in your address and select a school to receive details about bus stop, along with estimated pick- up and drop-off times.

    Students will only be assigned a pass at the campus level if a post card is not received to be transported to and from their designated hub location. You can find the closest location by using Infofinder I, which allows you to enter a student’s address and find their designated hub. HISD is continuing to assess actual versus projected ridership. As numbers are finalized, the department will begin to make hub reassignments — but that will not happen before school starts. Using an alternative hub location is not allowed, as it could cause overcrowding and safety issues.

    Grade Level Surveys: Tranportation & Family Contact Information

    Dear Families of MIMS Students,
    Please complete survey(s) for your child's grade level teachers for the upcoming 2018-19 school year.

    MIMS Parent Facebook Page

    • MIMS parents invite you to join the Parents Facebook page. While this is not for official communication, parents often post interesting information about the school, immersion benefits, events, parties, lost homework, field trip questions, etc. This is for ALL parents and caregivers from PreK-8th grade and discusses general information related to the entire school. Click HERE to join.
    • Additionally, MIMS Parents have also created a Facebook group dedicated to the Middle School. Existing parents are encouraging all families with a student in Grades 6-8 to join this page as well. Click HERE to join. 
    • School supplies are still available for a limited time and in limited quantities.  The PTO ran out of PreK and 6th grade kits but still has all the other grades available in limited supply. Please contact Caroline Verot Moore, caroverotmoore@yahoo.com, if interested.  Those will be delivered to your student’s teacher directly and will save you from the last minute run to the store! 

    CBE exam scores
    CBE scores are in.  Parents may stop by the school to pick up a copy of individual student's scores.  

    MIMS Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the new Drop-off times?

    • School opens at 8:00. Students need to be in the classroom by 8:30.  Early morning care (7AM – 8AM) is provided by ASP. 

     What is the new dismissal time?

    • Students will be in the cafeteria by 3:50 for dismissal.

    What are the 1st day of school procedures?

    • Parents drop off students at the front door of the school. Students will walk or be escorted to the cafeteria. It is important for parents to bring their students (especially young ones) to see where they sit in the cafeteria during meet & greet on August 23rd.

     What are the 'Meet & Greet' Dates and times?

    • August 23rd from 2 to 4PM
    • New-to-MIMS middle school camp 9:45-12:00; New Parents Boot Camp 10:00-11:00; Pre-K camp 12-1; Kinder Camp, new or returning, 1-2

    When will we get Class Homeroom Assignments?

    • Homeroom assignments  will be posted on August 17th after the PTO meeting in the afternoon
    • Middle school students will receive their individual schedules at the new-to-MIMS middle school camp 8:30-12:30
    I ordered school supplies through the PTO.  How will my child get them?
    • School supplies ordered through the PTO are  delivered to the school, sorted, and delivered with an order list to each homeroom. Other supplies can be brought to the classroom during Meet & Greet.

    What is the Dress Code?

    • The dress code can be found on our webpage (MIMSHISD.org -> Resources -> Parent Resources -> Dress Code)

    What is a Placard, why do I need it, and where can I get one?

    • Placards  contain the student name and homeroom.  A sheet with 2 placards is given to each parent for use during carpool pick-up.  Placards can be picked up from classroom teachers during Meet & Greet or from the front office after the first day of school