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  • Afterschool Programs

    • HISD offers many options for afterschool activities, both free and on a sliding-scale basis, designed to promote self-discovery and enhance academic success. Tutoring and homework assistance are balanced by enrichment opportunities such as dance, photography, and design programs. For more information, please see Afterschool Programs.


    After School Extended Day Options
    We have several Extended Day Options for your convenience based on pick up times.  Note the options for you to choose from:

    • Full Time  until 6:30 pm
    • Half Time until 5:30 pm
    • Full Time Occasional Days (purchased in increments of 5 days)
    • Half Time Occasional Days (purchased in increments of 5 days)
    • Bridge Enrichment (By Day)
    • Early dismissal until 3:50 pm
    • Morning Care Supervision without ASP Full/Half Daily
    • Morning Care Supervision (discounted) w/ASP Full/Half Daily

    After School Program offerings and general information: 
    • Homework Sessions: Homework Sessions are offered to students enrolled in Full Time or Half Time Extended Day.   The purpose of Homework Sessions is to provide a quiet environment with fellow students who are also in need of working on their homework.  Please understand that Homework Sessions are not set up as tutoring sessions.  Our staff is available to clarify instructions in regards to your child’s homework.  However, if your child does not understand the general concept of the homework, it will be advised for you to visit with your child’s teacher so that further instruction may be given to your child for a better understanding of the assignment.  Re-teaching of the lesson may be necessary.

    • Enrichment Class Information: In addition to Extended Day, we offer a wide variety of enrichment classes. Tuition and fees vary, depending on the type of class. Classes are generally grouped by age and/or skill level and limited to a certain number of students. Teachers who offer these classes may be faculty, parents, or professionals in the related field. 


    Payment Information for Full Time OR Half Time Extended Day

    If you have registered in the Full OR Half Time Extended Day Program, you may opt either to pay on a Bi-Weekly Basis or in 4 Payments or in Full.  Please refer to the payment due dates provided for you in the Registration Packet.


    Payment Information for Full or Half Time Occasional Extended Day

    If you have registered for Occasional Extended Day, the entire cost for the amount of units (5 Unit Increments) is due at the time of registration. Please refer to the payment due dates provided for you in the Registration Packet.


    Payment Information for Enrichment Classes

    If you have registered for Enrichment Classes, you may either pay for the entire cost of the class(es) or you may pay the entire cost of the classes in 4 payments.  Please refer to the payment due dates provided for you in the Registration Packet.


    Pick UP Policy

    It is imperative that you be prepared to present a valid form of ID (ID with your picture); the ASP Staff will only release your child to the adults you list on the Pick UP Authorization Form.  According to HISD Policy, an adult is someone 18 years of age or older.  We will not release your child to anyone under the age of 18.  Please inform the individuals you listed of this information. 


    Late Pick UP

    Please pick up your child on time according to the program you have registered for. Late Pick UP Fees will be assessed @ $2.00/minute.

    Contact Information:


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