You can be involved in your child’s education by being a volunteer or a visitor. A volunteer works within the school programs by interacting with teachers and students directly or indirectly, while a visitor observes his/her child without distracting instructional activities.  However, a visitor does not interact with other students. Here is some helpful information for how to be involved. 

    Volunteers  HISD GKG2 (REGULATION)

    Two Steps:

    (1) VIPS approved (register here:https://www.houstonisd.org/VIPS#calendar347170/20240625/month ), and

    (2) sign up for volunteer opportunities with campus contact persons.

    (3) Must bring a form of ID or Driver's License

    General Guidelines:

    • Sign in and out at the front desk.
    • Wear a Raptor sticker and a volunteer badge (obtained at the front desk).
    • Stay in the area(s) associated with your assignment(s).
    • Be nonpolitical when volunteering in the school.
    • Keep interactions with teachers and students confidential.
    • Use appropriate channels of communication for comments and suggestions.  
    • Notify the school office if unable to volunteer on their scheduled day.
    • Use the Community Room instead of the Teacher Workroom.
    • Comply with HISD and school regulations while on campus.
    • Please note, you may or may not be working with your own student while volunteering.
    • Other guidelines will be posted pending SDMC’s review and approval.
    Volunteering with Young Children: 

    To ensure that the young children accompanying parent volunteers are both safe and do not create distractions, the following guidelines will be followed (as per SDMC decision on September 9, 2013):

    1. Volunteers with young children will sign in at the front desk then work in the Community Room. 
    2. Any materials or instructions needed to complete the assignment will have to be arranged outside of school hours or left in a designated place in the Community Room.
    3. Completed work will also be left in designated place--not taken directly to the teacher.
    4. Parents will only supervise their own children (parents are welcome to create off-campus child-care arrangements).
    5. Parents will supervise children and never leave them unattended in the Community Room.
    6. If a young child needs to use the restroom, please accompany your child to the restroom in the office area.
    7. Parents and children will clean up after themselves by returning all supplies and toys to their correct locations.
    8. It is suggested that you bring water, snacks, and any other "parenting supplies" that can help you make the most of your work time.
    9. Parent volunteers with children will follow the other general volunteer guidelines, including staying only in areas associated with your volunteer assignment.
    10. When you are a chaperone on a field trip, you are acting like a teacher. You will be supervising and responsible for the safety of the students assigned to you. Please do not bring other children with you to the field trip. 

    Visitors  HISD GKC (REGULATION) 

    One Step: 

    (1) Sign in at the front desk with valid photo identification regardless VIPS status.

    General Guidelines:

    • Sign in and out at the front desk.
    • Wear a Raptor sticker (obtained at the front desk).
    • Stay in the area where your child is.
    • A person wishing to observe a classroom during instructional time or for a parent/teacher conference, must make arrangements in advance with the principal and the teacher. An administrator will present during each visit. The visitor should reframe from interfering with teacher-student interactions during classroom instruction. Field trips are extensions of classroom.
    • A designated area is available in the cafeteria for the visitor who wishes to eat lunch with his/her child.
    • Please keep your observation of any interaction on campus confidential. 
    • Other guidelines will be posted pending SDMC’s review and approval.