• Sharpstown International School (SIS), THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2014
    Students at MCLIMS have monthly Chinese Reading Proficiency Evaluation. Twenty-one second and third graders who scored the highest among their grade level in the April evaluation were invited to the Chinese classes at SIS. This serves as another indicator to evaluate our program's effectiveness. 
    Gather in the auditorium with 9th graders from SIS 
    你好! Ni Hao!
    Greeting 1
    Get to know each other (in Chinese) 
    Greeting 2
    More greeting
    Greeting 3
    Last round of greeting 
    Study materials for Chinese 2 class
    Answering questions 1
    I know the answer.
    Answering questions 2
    Can I try? 
    Working side by side
    It is fun to work with 10th graders. 
    working side by side 2
    Thank you for letting us join your class.
    Click HERE to watch our 2nd graders learning in the Chinese 1 class. 
    We appreciate Ms. Le-Thai, Principal at SIS, for this wonderful opportunity. We also appreciate Ms. Chang and Ms. Liu for including us as part of their classes. 
    Oh! Who can forget about those "fantabulous" big brothers and big sisters? Thank you for dealing with our elementary behaviors. 
    谢谢! xie xie! Thank you!