• We had our first UIL Meet at Pershing Middle School on Saturday, 12/5/2015 where we had 31 students participated from MCLIMS!

    It was the largest group for HISD UIL Meet where 33 schools participated with over 850 students.

    We want to say a big thank you to everyone for 100% participation and volunteer for the UIL Meet to all parents, head coaches, PTO board, teachers and students! Great job for being so supportive! Thank you to our PTO board for preparing the “GOOD LUCK” goodie bags for all the participants where the students were so trilled!

    Here are the winners for our first UIL Meet:-

    There are 4 students who took 1st PLACE Medals:-

    1. Laura F. (2nd G) - Solo Acting K-2,
    2. Dylan G. (1st G) – Music Memory Gr 2,
    3. Selene Y. (2nd G) – Music Memory Gr 2,
    4. Victoria Z. (2nd G) – Music Memory Gr 2.

    And another 10 students took the top 10 spots medals from their respective contest:-

    1. Joanna L. (2nd G) – 2nd PLACE in Spelling 3rd,
    2. Matthew K. (3rd G) – 3rd PLACE in Chess Puzzle 2nd/3rd,
    3. Yu Y. (3rd G) – 5th PLACE in Ready Writing Gr 3,
    4. Matthew K. (3rd G) – 5th PLACE in Number Sense Gr 3,
    5. Cynthia G. (5th G) – 5th PLACE in Mathematics Gr 6,
    6. Leonid K. (2nd G) – 6th PLACE in Chess Puzzle 2nd/3rd,
    7. Colin W. (4th G) – 6th PLACE in Ready Writing Gr 4,
    8. Dylan T. (4th G) – 6th PLACE in Number Sense Gr 4,
    9. Gabriella R. (4th G) – 7th PLACE in Ready Writing Gr 4,
    10. Victoria Z. (2nd G) – 9th PLACE in Spelling Gr 3.

    MCLIMS achieved 1st PLACE for the team score Music Memory 2nd grade!

    (FYI, a school must have minimum 3 students in an event to achieve team score).

    MCLIMS achieved 2nd PLACE team score for Spelling 3rd grade and Mathematics 5th grade.

    MCLIMS achieved 3rd PLACE team score for Chess Puzzle 2nd-3rd grade.

    We would also like to say a big thank you to ALL THE HEAD COACHES FOR ALL THEIR TIME AND EFFORT TO GUIDE THE STUDENTS:-

    Here are the head coaches for each event:-

    1. Linda Wu - head coach for Ready Writing (Grade 4 and 5)

    2. Ann Huynh, Diana Moga and Nakia Sims - Head coaches for Speaking events (Public Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Solo Acting, Oral reading and Story Telling),

    3. Leslie Culhane - Head Coach for Mathematics 6,

    4. Jessica Wong - Head Coach for Spelling

    5. Hou Yan - Head Coach for Music Memory,

    6. Amonee Haley and Kristine Rasbury - Head coaches for Art

    7. Jay Raman - Head Coach for Chess Puzzle

    8. Mei Jen Ho - Head Coaches for Number Sense  (LOOKING FOR MORE NUMBER SENSE COACHES FOR EACH GRADE LEVEL 3,4, and 5).