• Our students took on the challenge to compete with their grade level classmates in math automaticity. The math competition was tough but many students persevered through the many rounds of math questions. Below are the students who placed in this year's heated competition.
    Math Competition Winners   
    1-Nathaniel P.
    2-Jahnavi R.
    3-Coral W.
    1st Grade
    1-Stephen D.
    2-Jonathan N.
    3-Jacob B.
    2nd Grade
    1-Kaeden N.
    2-Leonid K.
    3-William R.
    3-Laura F.
    3rd Grade
    1-Matthew K.
    2-Chase F.
    3-Andy S.
    3-Winston J.
    4th Grade
    1-Cambry G.
    2-Dylan T.
    3-Sofia F.
    5th Grade
    1-Elisha H.
    2-Xingye H.
    3-Ariana L.

    Below is an article about the math competition featured in SC Daily News Chinese newspaper.  We are so proud of our students!
    SC Daily News