• Chengyu trophy presentation  

    We had more than 150 students participate in the Chengyu Competition. 110 students got perfect scores in reading and 109 students got perfect scores in listening. Therefore, 95 students advanced to the final round, which was more than we had anticipated. We appreciate all the support from the following teachers: Ms. Huang, Ms. Liu, Ms. A. Chen, Ms. Y. Lin, Ms. C. Lin, Ms. Yin, Ms. Li, Ms. Lum, and Ms. Qiu. Our students were troopers. Everyone who had advanced to the final round is a winner because they stayed to the end and showed their courage in telling the Chengyu stories to the judges. There are many students that achieved the highest scores in reading, listening, and speaking (60 points in all).


    Here are the students who have earned the highest scores.

    1st Place (60 points)

    Austin W

    Katherine J


    2nd Place (59.3 points)

    Samantha P

    Linna S

    Clarissa C


    3rd Place (59 points)

    Elaine W

    Jonathan N

    Zhixi H

    William R

    Zia R

    Julie T

    Victoria Z

    Sebastian P

    Sophia S

    Eden R


    The judges (Dr. Stockton from St. Thomas University, Ms. Baltz from Houston Academy for International School, and Ms. Yeh from Episcopal High School) were so impressed by our students' performances and would also like to recognize the following students.


    Judges' Award

    Promise B

    Madeleine O

    Roger L

    Brady G

    Carolyn P

    Leonid K

    Makinzie W

    Sofia F

    Toby B

    Chengyu  Chengyu