Our students have been learning about “chengyu” since last school year during morning assembly, lunch and in classrooms.  All* MIMS students are invited to participate in our second Chengyu competition to challenge their Mandarin Chinese abilities in listening and reading/writing skills. The competition will be held on December 12 & 13, 2016.  


    You can use the resources from our webpage below to help your child prepare for the competition.


    Click on the chengyu for each picture to access to Quizlet resources.


    *This competition is designed for students in 1st grade and up. If you would like to challenge prekindergarten or kindergarten student for the competition, although it is not encouraged, you can sign them up for the competition with 1st and 2nd graders.



    11/10-11/22              Registration

    12/12                        Competition (Younger Division: 1st to 2nd Graders)

    3:45-4:15                  Check in

    4:15-5:30                  Chengyu Competition

    12/13                        Competition (Older Division: 3rd to 6th Graders)

    3:45-4:15                  Check in

    4:15-5:30                  Chengyu Competition

    12/16                        Awards for Top 3 during morning assembly



    Our chengyu competition incorporates some of the characteristics of Name That Book competition.


    Basic Rules. After listening to a chengyu story in Chinese twice, contestants need to identify the main idea of each story and match it with a correct chengyu. There are 18 chengyus in all with the total of 73 different Chinese characters. Competition will start on time. A contestant will be allowed to join the competition; however, the stories will not be repeated. Contestants will be removed for dishonesty or disruptive behavior based on judge’s discretion. No late registration will be accepted.


    Younger Division. There are 30 stories in this division. 18 of them were introduced last year (one for each chengyu) and have been reviewed during morning assemblies. The other 12 stories are new to the students this year but correspond to one of the 18 chengyu. During the competition, all 18 chengyus will be numbered and printed on the answer sheet. Contestants will need to answer the questions by writing the numbers. Some numbers will be used twice. The number of correct answers will be calculated to determine the top 3 contestants.


    Older Division. There are 18 stories in this division. While some of them were introduced last year and have been reviewed during morning assemblies, many of the stories are new to the students this year. During the competition, contestants will need to answer each question by writing the corresponding chengyu. Each chengyu will be used once; however, there is no additional assistance. Although they might not remember all the characters for each chengyu, contestants are encouraged to write as much as they know. If their answer is understandable by the judge, it will be counted. The number of correct answers will be calculated to determine the top 3 contestants. However, the number of incorrectly written characters of correct answers will be calculated to break the tie for the top 3 contestants.


    Awards. Each contestant who completes in the competition will receive a medal for demonstrating courage and perseverance on the day of the competition. Top 3 contestants will be recognized in each grade level from grades 1 to 6. Younger contestants will be competing against 1st graders.


    Once again, if you agree with the rules above and would like your child to participate in our chengyu competition, sign up your child by clicking on the link below. Click again to enter an additional child. Questions can be directed to Mr. Chang at 713-295-5276.