All students at MIMS receive TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) based science instruction in Chinese.  All* MIMS students are invited to participate in our first Chinese Science Bee competition. Besides basic science knowledge, students are challenged for their Mandarin speaking and writing skills. The competition will be held between April 24 and 28, 2017. You can sign up your child for the competition from the link below. No late registration or emails will be accepted after April 7, 2017.



    You can use the resources from our webpage below to help your child prepare for the competition.



    *This competition is based on the grade level TEKS and designed for students in 1st grade and up. If you would like to challenge prekindergarten or kindergarten student for the competition, although it is not encouraged, you can sign them up for the competition with 1st graders.



    3/27-4/7                     Registration

    4/24                           Competition (1st Grade)

    4/25                           Competition (2nd Grade)

    4/26                           Competition (3rd Grade)

    4/27                           Competition (4th Grade)

    4/28                           Competition (5th/6th Grade)

    3:45-4:15                  Check in

    4:15-5:30                  Chinese Science Bee Competition

    5/1                            Awards for Top 3 during morning assembly



    Our Chinese Science Bee competition incorporates some of the characteristics of Spelling Bee competition.


    Basic Rules. All contestants will be sitting together on the stage. After each question is asked in Chinese, each contestant will take turns to stand in front of a microphone to answer the question in Chinese. Questions can be repeated, but will not be translated or explained. If a contestant is not responding to the question entirely in Chinese, he or she will be prompted to re-answer it in Chinese.  A contestant will be disqualified in one of two conditions: (1) no response after 10 seconds or (2) unable to answer a question in Chinese correctly with or without prompting. Competition will start on time. Due to the nature of the competition, late arrivals will NOT be allowed to join the competition. A contestant will be removed for dishonesty or disruptive behavior based on judge’s discretion. No late registration will be accepted.


    Final Round. Last 3 contestants will enter the Final Round. (If there are more than 3 contestants by 5:10, all remaining contestants will enter the Final Round.) Each question will be read out loud in Chinese to all contestants, who will record the answers in Chinese on the answer sheets. Contestants will be ranked based on the number of correct answers that are written in Chinese.


    Study Guide and Scoring. The TEKS based questions are available in the study guide on the resource webpage. These questions will be taught throughout the year during science instruction. During the competition, these questions will be selected randomly for each contestant. The contestants are not required to answer the questions using the exact words provided in the study guide. The judge will make the final decision to determine if the contestant’s answer is correct. The classroom teachers will provide a list of questions for the Final Round to determine the top 3 contestants. These questions are also TEKS based, but not included in the study guide. The scoring will be only based on the answers written in Chinese per judge’s discretion.


    Awards. Each contestant who completes in the competition will receive a medal for demonstrating courage at the end of the day of the competition. Top 3 contestants will be recognized in each grade level from grades 1 to 6. Younger contestants will be competing against 1st graders. 5th and 6th graders will be competing against each other.


    Once again, if you agree with the rules above and would like your child to participate in our Chinese Science Bee competition, sign up your child by clicking on the link below. Click again to enter an additional child. Questions can be directed to Mr. Chang at 713-295-5276.