• Name That Book is a yearly HISD-sponsored event where students read a selection of 35 books, ranging from classics to popular fiction to contemporary non-fiction, and then compete with participating high schools in recognizing random quotes from each of the books. Contestants must then correctly identify which book the random quote came from.


    Click on the link below to check out the following titles for the NTB 21-22 school year. We have multiple copies here in the library.


    Name That Book title list for 21-22



    Congrats to PVA's 20-21 Name That Book team for a spectacular 3rd place district-wide finish in the NTB competition! We came to play and it showed. Our team says they don't think they can wait a whole year to do this again! Thank you Elliot, Sonya, Ben, Edlyn, and Izabella. You guys were incredible!


    ntb trophy   ntb