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     Barnes, James  AP Statistics
     Brannon-Reese, Meghan  AP English (Language & Composition)
     Chen, Stephanie  AP Calculus AB & BC
     Davis-Owen, Kristen    AP U.S. History  
     Garcia, Joshua    AP Chemistry   
     Hill, Heather  TPSP & AP Research
     Houghton, Robert  AP English (Language & Composition)
     Kulkarni, Sanjog  AP Precalculus, AP Statistics  
     Lowe, Jonathan    AP Physics 1 and C
     Ramon, Jennifer  AP Precalculus
     Schmidt, Colleen   AP Research  
     Turner, Maisha  AP Physics 1
     Wendt, Nathan  AP U.S. History, 1968, World Wars
    Junior year is a wonderful opportunity for you to demonstrate both your abilities and your potential for your future colleges.
    Here you can access the summer assignments. If you have any questions, you should contact the teachers of each course.  You can find their email information on their class page.
    And, it is very important for you to remember that your school already provides you with multiple tools for success:
    • a complimentary student planner (for organizing your responsibilities and assignments)
    • a campus-wide retake policy for two assessments per cycle (quiz/test)
    • an SSEP class period each morning (for extra studying, one-on-one tutoring, and exam retake opportunities) 
    • for general assistance, peer tutors can be provided by NHS members [you can request one on the Carnegie website]
    • other National Honors Societies can also provide peer tutors by content area:  English, Math, Foreign Language, etc.
    • an amazing guidance counselor support team!  
    • a supportive faculty  (always know when to ask for help -- our doors are always open to you)
    • a helpful administration (they are always available to help/advise you as needed) 
    The only factor missing from this list is... YOU! 
    Each and every day, you have a great opportunity to hone your time management skills and become empowered to manage your academic success.
    Remember that you have many tools for success at your disposal.  Plan ahead, study hard, and ENJOY!

    Junior year is a beautiful year!  Make sure that you take the time to enjoy your journey!