YEARBOOK 2023-2024  
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    Purchase a 2024 Yearbook

    • 2024 yearbooks can be purchased at jostens.com
    • Please save your online order confirmation!
    • Yearbooks are priced at $65 during the fall semester, and will increase to $75 on December 22, 2023.
    • Supplies are limited, so please order yours ASAP!
    • After December 22, 2023, we will continue to sell the yearbooks for $75 until they sell out.


    Purchase a 2024 Senior Ad

    • 2024 senior ads for the yearbook can be purchased at jostens.com
    • Senior ads allow families to leave a personal mark in the yearbook to express pride and support in what their graduate has accomplished during their time at Carnegie.
    • Once purchased, parents can build the ad themselves -- inputting the photos and message they wish to include online.
    • The DEADLINE for purchasing a senior ad is December 22, 2023.


           Available Ad Sizes & Prices: 

      • 1/8 Page Ad - $50
      • 1/4 Page Ad - $75
      • 1/2 Page Ad - $150
      • Full Page Ad - $200


    Purchase a Former CVHS Yearbook

    • While our goal is to sell every single copy of the yearbooks we pre-order each year, we may end up having some left.
    • You may purchase any available former CVHS yearbooks at the same selling price for that year at the following link: SchoolPay - Payment Center


    School Photo Information for 9th-11th Grade, Faculty & Staff

    • School photos for 9th-11th graders were taken on October 26, 2023 by Lot Five Studios.
    • Lot Five Studios will send every student and faculty/staff member a copy of their proofs to their HISD email when they are available.
    • Students will be able to choose the photo they wish to be used in the yearbook, and will also have an option to purchase their photos online.
    • Please contact Lot Five Studios directly with ANY questions about school photos.


    Senior Portrait Information