• Final exam exemptions - ALL grade levels

    as of March 2024-- subject to change


    CVHS spring semester final exam exemptions are for all students in grades 9 - 12 who have an average of 85 or higher and take the corresponding AP exam if it is an AP class. Students may always choose to take a final exam even if exempt.


    • Students who are exempt must be in attendance on the day of the final exam. Students must be here for attendance purposes.
    • If a student is absent on the day of the final exam, then the student must make up the final exam. Absence from the final exam voids the exemption.
    • Absences will not be a determining factor as of March 2024 (subject to change, if HISD requires this as a criterion. Currently, it is not on their website)


    Final exam exemptions are for all grades 9 – 12. It applies to all qualified students and is not at teacher discretion. If a final exam is given earlier than the week of finals, students can still be exempt. If the grade goes into the final exam category/column, then the student can and should be exempt if they qualify.


    SENIORS: Final Exam Exemption Decisions must be finalized by Friday, May 17  (senior finals begin Tuesday, May 21)

    Grades 9 – 11: Final Exam Exemption Decisions must be finalized by Friday, May 24 (finals begin Friday, May 31)


    Students: You are required to take your AP exams.

    If you do not take your AP exam, you will LOSE your final exam exemption for that class.

    An absence excuse note will not reinstate your lost exemption status. If you are not present for your AP exam, you have lost your exemption for that class.

    You must come to school and take your AP exam.  If you are not happy with your performance, you may cancel your score. Cancellation forms will be available. You may also visit this website to download and fill out a cancellation form.  Forms must be mailed to the College Board by June 15. You can mail the completed form, or you can turn them into Ms. Martinez (room 132), and she will mail them as a group on June 1. Cancelled scores do not show up in any way on your College Board score report.

    Score cancellation information: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/score-reporting-services/cancel-scores