• Frequently Asked Questions


    1. Do I have to complete the athletic paperwork for each sport if I play more than one?
      No, your forms will transfer to each sport for the full school year. You only need to complete the forms for the first sport you play. For example, fall cross country or volleyball forms can be use for spring track. You are responsible for ensuring your paperwork is given to the coaches of each sport or that they have copies provided.

    2. Do I still have to have my former middle school or high school sign Page 2 of the Previous Athletic Participation Form (PAPF) even if I've never done any sports? 
      YES. Houston ISD Athletics department requires both pages of the PAPF be completed and all signatures provided even if you didn't participate at other schools and even though UIL does not require it.

    3. What does the HISD insurance cover?
      Injuries sustained during UIL athletic training and events. It does not cover illnesses or non-athletic related ailments. More Information: HISD Insurance Information 

    4. What if I can't find a notary for the insurance waiver?
      Many banks will notarize forms for free if you are a customer. CVHS also has a group of parent notaries ready and willing to help. Let your coach know if you are having trouble.

    5. I don't have a family physician. How can I get a physical?
      Many ReadyClinics offer athletic physicals for around $35. You can google "Houston athletic physical exams" and pull up a list of clinics in your area that do that. HISD sometimes hosts days to get a physical and your coaches will try to post those as they hear of them. DON'T WAIT until the last minute to get a physical. You are not allowed to participate in any practices or competitions until you are cleared by your coach and the HISD athletic trainers. This could take up to a week or more. Your coaches will tell you when your paperwork deadline will be in order to be on the team.

    6. The Aktivate/Register My Athlete portal is down or I can't access it. What do I do?
      First, contact your coach to let them know you are having difficulty. Then you can troubleshoot with your coach or submit hard copies of all your forms if necessary. PDF forms can be sent to you by your coach.

    7. How will I know if I'm cleared to participate?
      Each sport's coach has their own way of communicating with their athletes so if you have any questions on your status or paperwork please contact them directly.